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Check Whatsapp Upcoming Features, You Can’t Miss These Amazing Updates

Whatsapp Upcoming Features

Check out Whatsapp Upcoming Features Now! You can‘t miss these amazing updates of Upcoming features of Whatsapp. Constantly, Whatsapp is working on New Features such as status updates, Run same number on more than one smartphone, Grouped Blocked contacts etc. Most of the new features of whatsapp test on Beta version of the app for Android and iOS. Company tests Whatsapp new features before add them to stable version. Here, in this article we are providing Whatsapp Upcoming Features that will soon available on Whatsapp and people enjoy it!

Whatsapp is very popular messaging app and company doesn’t want to give lead to other companies that’s why Whatsapp owner, update new features of whatsapp time to time. To improve the whatsapp look and for the benefit of people, Facebook owned whatsapp working on some new Whatsapp features. Instantly, billions of people use this messaging application to communicate with family, friends, work etc. So, here we provide some details of new whatsapp upcoming features which you must be aware of. Check Now.

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In 180 countries, there are More than 1 billion people who use Whatsapp for staying in touch with family and friends. Basically, Whatsapp is started as a substitute of SMS. Whatsapp supports various features such as sending and receiving Audio, messages, documents, locations, videos, Photos, voice and video calls.

Whatsapp Upcoming Features

Multi-Platform Support:

One of the major Upcoming features of Whatsapp is Multi-Platform Support. In this feature, Users allow to access their whatsapp accounts on multiple devices at the same time. At present, Users can access their account on 2 devices via whatsapp web. As per the report, users can access accounts on iOS- based Ipad devices as well as android Devices at the same time.

Under this new multi-platform feature, you get facility for logging in with a whatsapp account on different devices. Till now, people can use whatsapp account in only one smartphone. As per the report by WAbetainfo, a registration or verification code option has seen in this beta version.  Whenever you try for logging in whatsapp from another device you will be asked for registration/verification code. Same registration / verification will also be found, when users logs into more than one device at the same time.

WhatsApp Contact Shortcut

According to Wabetainfo, with this feature, users will be able to create contact shortcuts to send WhatsApp messages. It will not be possible to delete a certain shortcut, but users will be able to delete all shortcuts in one go.

Integration of WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram

Last year, Mark Zuckerberg gave information that the company is preparing to merge Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. That is, if you have a Facebook account, then you will be able to connect with a friend with a WhatsApp account. However, it is difficult to tell when it will be released for users.

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Bubble Color

It has been reported from some reports that WhatsApp is working on a new bubble color for dark mode, which will replace the old green bubble color with the new one.

WhatsApp QR code & Group QR Code Redesign

In this new feature you are able to add new contacts just by scanning a QR code. Users will display their own contact QR code or Scan QR code of others to add them to chat. WhatsApp is trying to improve and redesign the QR Code section for sharing group invoice links.

Self-destructing messages

This is the new feature which will just work like WhatsApp Stories or Status which disappear after 24 hours, users are able to send messages that will disappear automatically after a fix time period. The self-destructing or disappearing messages feature has been renamed to Delete Messages.

In-app browser

WhatsApp is working on an in-app browser feature in which users open links of chats within the application without redirect to web browser. This feature also minimises the time to open links. It is available in other apps including Twitter and LinkedIn.

Last Seen for selected Contacts

WhatsApp is currently working on allowing users to share their last seen status with selected friends. Currently the options available are “contacts”, “everyone”, or no one. Presently, you cannot share your last seen status with selected ones, but WhatsApp is working on this feature.

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Grouped Blocked Contact (Android beta version 2.19.332):

Whatsapp has spotted with new feature that will easier for keeping track on which all you have blocked on instant messaging. Beside this, Whatsapp also show in chat when you block or unblock a contact. When this feature is enabled, you need to block contact every time. Whatsapp will also add a bubble in chat reporting “You have a blocked contact” or “Tap to unblock” or same happens when you decide to unblock a contact.

Netflix in PiP Mode:

Many people will agree on fact that whatsapp and Netflix do not go together. But whatsapp has made a small step for changing this as beta users in iOS version of whatsapp will be stream Netflix trailers inside the app. At present, Facebook, Instagram, youtube videos on whatsapp in PiP but with this new update, Netflix trailers will also be streamed in PiP on whatsapp.

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Boomerang Videos:

Whatsapp is now ready to pick the features from its own app and make them globally available. Now, Whatsapp is currently working on the development of boomerang feature as similar to Instagram. Whatsapp also allow users to make less than 7 seconds videos. Whatsapp users can share the boomerang video as status updates or directly with friends as a message. This feature will soon release on iOS first and after that in Android.

Preview Voice Messages before Sending:

Whatsapp Company is going to prevent their users from sending wrong voice messages as people can hear that voice message before sending. In place of messages, People mainly send short voice note to make their conversation in proper manner. For this, Whatsapp allow their users to send voice messages or audio recordings but there is no way to hear that voice note before send. So, the upcoming update of company is that users can hear that voice message before sending. This preview feature of voice messages is under development for iOS version of Whatsapp. Only few iOS devices have been able to test preview voice message feature in new beta.

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Last year, Apple presented memoji which is a new form of Animoji that users can make and customize as they want. Now, Whatsapp will soon release this feature for its users. Memoji feature is going to be available to whatsapp iPhone Users.

Whatsapp Payment India:

Since 2018, Whatsapp payment service has stuck in Beta mode because of some regulatory Obstacles. Whatsapp has required showing that all payment data is going to be stored on servers only in India. Whatsapp need to submit the report to India’s banking regulator i.e. Reserve Bank of India. For Android and iOS, UPI-based payment feature will be available soon. With the help of this feature, users can send and receive the money from anyone in their list of contacts. With both private and public banks, Facebook owned app has tied up.

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How to Send Money through Whatsapp Payment Service

Friends and family members can send money in 2 ways. But before that payment, people make sure that they have UPI Account. After creating UPI account, Open Whatsapp> Settings > Payments > New Payments > Select contact > Enter amount > UPI Pin > Send. After payment, you will get receipt of same on chat window.

Benefits of Whatsapp Payment Service:

  • With This feature, we can do payment to anybody but the only restriction is that person should be in your contact list.
  • It makes fund transfer very simple for users.
  • On chat window, senders and users both will receive payment notification after fund transfer.
  • In this, we don’t need to add IFSC code. All we need for using this feature is virtual Address.

Whatsapp payment service is directly competing with BHIM UPI and Google TEZ. Recently, Whatsapp payments don’t offer any cash back to its users.

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For increasing the user’s experience, Whatsapp Company keeps an eye on their competitors time to time and launches new whatsapp features. In upcoming months, Whatsapp will soon launch more whatsapp upcoming features. Stay tuned with www.newzbullet.com and get latest updates on Fashion, National and international news etc.

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