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How to Set Up WhatsApp Payment? Check WhatsApp Pay Step by Step Guide

How to Set Up WhatsApp Payment?

WhatsApp Pay has been launched in India. The company has waited for almost three years. They have already done Testing and it was already given to some users as a test. According to WhatsApp, now people can send money from it. If you also use WhatsApp, you can activate WhatsApp Pay. It is worth noting that at present, NPCI has allowed only 20 million registered users. So here we are providing How to Set Up WhatsApp Payment? And also check Step by Step Guide

WhatsApp has more than 400 million users in India. In such a situation, for now, only 20 million users will get this feature. This is because NPCI has recently set up a 30% cap on third party UPI transactions. It will come into effect from 1 January 2021.

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Check WhatsApp Payment Step by Step Guide

How to Activate WhatsApp Pay?

First of all, go to App Store or Google Play Store and update your WhatsApp app. Depends on which iPhone or Android smartphone you use WhatsApp.

  • In the first step, you have to open WhatsApp and go to settings. If the payment option is shown in the settings, then the further process has to be started.
  • Second Step, Ongoing to the payment section, you will get the option of New Payment and Add New Payment Method. You have to select Add new payment method. If you use WhatsApp Pay from the initiative, then this article is not for you.
  • In the third step, go to Add New Payment Method and select your bank. Many banks will get a list here. After selecting the bank, your account will be verified. Here Verify Via SMS option will be found, it has to be selected.
  • The fourth step, It is worth noting that for this, your WhatsApp number and the number linked with your account should be the same, then only verification will happen.

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After the verification process is complete, tap on the Finnish payment setup. Now you will get the option to set up UPI PIN like is given in other apps. It will be necessary to enter the UPI PIN on every payment.

After the setup is complete, you will be able to send money on WhatsApp as a message. For this, tap on contacts on WhatsApp like we do for chatting. You have to go to the attachment icon here. The amount will have to be entered by tabbing on the payment option.

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WhatsApp Payment can be sent not only to WhatsApp users but to people whose UPI is active. While sending money, you can send money by writing notes or text.

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