What to Wear on First Date?

What to Wear on First Date? Do’s and Don’ts for Men/Women | Best Tips

What to Wear on First Date?

Every boy & girl are very excited when he/she goes on first meeting & this excitement level is so high on first date. You do want to impress the other one by your dressing style and looks. You don’t want to make the wrong impression to your date. That’s why the main focus you work on is how to properly present you to your partner with the dressing and looks. There are many type of dates like casual, dinner, movie & coffee date etc. & for all you must wear according to your personality, comfort and location. If you ever strike with the question about, what to wear on first date? So, in this article, we are mentioning the best dressing Tips for date and Do’s and Don’ts for Men/Women.

What to Wear on First Date?

Casual Wear on First Date: If you are going on a first date, then try to be casual in all the stuff. You should keep your dress, date & conversation extremely casual. Men’s wear comfortable clothes like tailored dinner jackets, straight leg jeans & slim button down shirt where as women not wear dark make up will soothingly work. Wear the clothes as per your comfort level. You should choose the color of cloth as per the location and time you select of your first date.

  • Girls: Dressy Blouse/ Top (light Color) + Relaxed Jeans + Midi Heals (Add Denim Jacket if needed)
  • Boys: Tailored Dinner Jackets, Straight Leg Jeans & Slim Button Down Shirt

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What to wear on Dinner Date: If you are going to first dinner date, you should wear according to the location. Girls should wear light & comfortable clothes like maxi dress, black jeans & white shirt & men’s can wear T-shirt & jeans .It is depending on what your prefer to wear first date to dinner.

  • Girls: Maxi Dress, Black Jeans & White Shirt
  • Boys: Shirt & jeans/Pants + Coat/Jacket

What to Wear on Coffee date: You look like a simple when you go first coffee date. You should wear according to your personality but not too informal. You are feeling comfortable. Girls can wear side stripped paints, tuck in a plain T-shirt with white converse shoes. Women can put your hair up in a bun or a messy ponytail. Girls should do neutral makeup for going on coffee date.

  • Girls: Stripped Paints, Tuck in a Plain T-Shirt with White Converse Shoes
  • Boys: Anything Casual & other than regular Ones.

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What to Wear on Blind Date: If you are going on Blind date, this is the time your expectation is so high with your date. In this time, girls can wear elegant & fitting wear as per her comfort. You can wear pleated skirt with neutral makeup.

  • Girls: elegant & fitting top with medium length skirt or finely fitted jeans.
  • Boys: Decent T-shirt with Denim Jeans and Jacket with proper Contrast Shoes.

Do’s & Don’ts on your First Date


  • Don’t take too much pressure on first date. You don’t spend too much time for dressing. You should only wear comfortable cloth.
  • You never wear loud & flashy clothes.
  • Don’t forget to use Perfume
  • Wear light Accessories

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  • You should always feel comfortable with wearing things. If you are not happy with his cloth, you shouldn’t wear it.
  • You should dress up according to location & place. If you are going to dinner date, you have to wear according to it & you can wear casual cloth on coffee date.
  • Wrist Watch will sooth the personality

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So, I hope these are the following tips that are really helpful for boys/girls that What to Wear on First Date?. You should wear comfortable outfit according to its situation & environment.

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