Organic Ways to Celebrate Safe Holi 2020 despite Coronavirus Fear

Organic Ways to Celebrate Safe Holi 2021 despite Coronavirus Fear

Organic Ways to Celebrate Safe Holi 2021

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and many other political leaders would not to be a part of any “Holi Milan” Gathering due to coronavirus outbreak. An Expert Said that “Need Not to Stop Yourself to Play Holi For Fear of COVID-19 But Do Avoid Crowds”. In this article, we are providing you the Ways to celebrate Safe Holi 2021 despite coronavirus Fear.  Check Now!

We all know that Holi is one of the major Festivals of the country. This festival is celebrated mainly in 4 corner of India or across the world. This Festival is filled with lots of fun, enjoyment People cannot put their lives on hold, nor is it essential. You can celebrate Holi but may be you need to celebrate it with lots of people. Celebrate Holi with close friends and family and must avoid big gatherings.

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Organic Ways to Celebrate Safe Holi 2021

People celebrate holi with colours! Application of colors is believed for having a remedial effect on body by preventing seasonal infectious diseases. Holi Signifies the starting of spring and it is the victory of good over bad with Holika Dahan. To celebrate holi, Mostly people celebrate with water and colors are 2 common elements with family and friends. Due of lack of consideration, importance of eco-friendly Holi, most of the people do not realize effect of harmful ways to celebrate Holi on our environment are toxic. Check out 5 organic ways to celebrate Holi:

1) Use Home Made Colors to Play Holi:

Celebrate Holi with natural colors is really thoughtful way. You should wonder how to make natural colors.  All we need to use chandan, Henna and turmeric. Using these eco-friendly colors sources to form amalgamations and in return it form different colors. These colors are gentle and smoothly washable.

2) Play Tilak Holi:

Avoid balloons of water and using colors with chemicals on your loved ones. This is best way for keeping holi celebration quite eco-friendly.  You can play tilak holi where you just draw a tilak on forehead of your loved ones. This is the best way to play cleanest holi with family and friends.

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3) Opt For Dry Holi:

Guys, if you understand the importance of environment and want to celebrate holi in eco-friendly way then you must opt for dry Holi. Must Avoid water Balloons, pichkaris, paints and Bags. All these things help to save the water, serious injuries and issue related to skin. Colors is containing lots of chemicals and paints and not easy to wash.

4)  Burn eco-friendly waste for Holika Dahan:

To avoid deforestation, do not use wooden objects. In place of wooden objects, you can use waste boxes, coconut waste and cow dung for Holika Dahan so that you start Holi celebration in an eco-friendly way.

5) Play Holi with flowers:

In India, there are many cities where people celebrate Holi with Flowers such as Lucknow etc. So, Guys, if you understand the importance of Eco-friendly Holi, Opt to play Holi with flowers.  One of the most common used flowers while playing Holi is Tesu. There are many benefits of Tesu Flowers like Stop nasal bleeding, therapy for eye disorders etc. These flowers not only enhance Holi celebration but also take care of skin as well as environment. One more effective use of this flower is that you can use it for forming harmless water colors. Covid-19 Vaccine Registration Started! When, Where & How

Tips to Play Safe and Eco Friendly Holi

  • Apply Sun screen over exposed areas Skin like face and arms
  • Before going out to play Holi, Do oiling on your hairs in good way.
  • Use only eco-friendly home-made Holi Colors.
  • Do not apply colors in areas near the eyes, nose, mouth or open wounds.
  • Do not use eggs, Mud, varnish or paint for playing Holi.
  • Do not throw colours on plants and animals.
  • Do not allow your children to throw water balloons on each other as water is dirty which can result in infection.
  • Don’t play with colors if you have asthma or allergy with colors.
  • Take bath after celebration of Holi with mixture of curd, besan and turmeric which removes colors efficiently.

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So, guys to save yourself from infections, play Holi in organic way. Hope the above given ways to celebrate Holi is helpful for all of you. We all know that Holi is one of the festivals which are celebrated with lots of excitement and zeal. There are many people whose ways to celebrate Holi are harmful for environment which in turn create environment issues in serious manner. All these harmful ways also lead to skin issued and injuries. Therefore, guys you are suggested to understand the importance of Holi and celebrate Holi in Organic Way. For more updates on entertainment, News / International news, health, fashion, Sports etc., keep visiting our web portal i.e.

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