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“This Traffic Rule” Not allows to Cut Challan Instantly | Use DigiLocker/ MParivahan

Traffic Rule Not allows to Cut Challan Instantly

The new Traffic rules came into effect from midnight of 1st September 2019 under the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act. Traffic Police charging quick fine after violations of traffic rules like not having vehicle registration, insurance, certificate, and driving license & permit certificate etc. after the implementation of new traffic rules by Indian Government. But Citizens don’t know about an exception Traffic Rule Not allows to Cut Challan Instantly.  Fines are increased by 10 times in New Law after the violation of new traffic rule, so for that we provide the info & use of DigiLocker/MParivahan Apps which save you from paying the heavy Challan.

According to the new Motor Vehicle Act, Rider/Driver has given the time of 15 days to show the document to the police or to the court and hence Traffic Police is not liable to charge the Challan on not showing registration certificate (RC), insurance certificate, pollution under control certificate, driving license to the traffic police instantly.

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Motor Vehicles Rule which not allows Traffic Police to Cut Challan Instantly

According To the Senior Advocate Of Supreme Court, there are some Amendment in central motor vehicle rules 139. The vehicle driver will get 15 days’ time to show the documents in front of traffic police/commissioner. It means that if the driver will have time to show the documents such as driving license, RC, insurance, permit in 15 days, then the traffic police cannot cut the Challan instantly.

Senior Advocate Garg says that if traffic police cut the Challan illegally, then there is no any pressure to submit the fine by the vehicle owner. The owner of the vehicle can challenge on court to claim it. When the court think that the driver has all the evidence & he did not give the time of 15 days to show the documents then the court can dismiss the Challan of the driver.

Traffic Rule Not allows to Cut Challan Instantly

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Advocate Rohit Srivasatava says that there should be witness signature in Challan. If Traffic police not show witness in court then the court Dismiss the Challan charged on driver.

Some People are facing difficulties due to lack of awareness & information and are charged with heavy fine under the amended motor vehicle act 2019. Mainly the problem People are facing that they don’t carry the documents and forget to bring document with it, but now it can get costly to the drivers/riders. But worry not if you have apps in your mobile phones, then you escape for paying huge fine to traffic police. You will drive a vehicle without carrying driving license & registration certificate (RC).


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Use DigiLocker/MParivahan Apps

Indian Government had launched these two apps and now they are very helpful in saving money. These apps are Digilocker & MParivahan. You can drive you vehicle without DL & RC & other documents by using these applications.


Government has launched digital locker that protect soft copies of your documents such as DL & RC in digilocker app. You can keep digital copies of all the necessary documents in it. This digital copy is valid for traffic police when he asks to show essential documents.

How to USE Digilocker:

  • Go to the government official website .in
  • You can download the app from here & open your digilocker account
  • You can enter your mobile number & get one time password(OTP)
  • After enter the OTP, Authenticate it
  • Then select the username & password
  • After making digital account, Upload your documents on this app
  • It can access insurance company, motor licensing office(MLO)
  • It will be QR code for security purpose for protect it

More Laws Information:


MParivahan is another app made by NIC. You can directly scan copy of your driving license, registration paper, vehicle insurance etc. in your mobile phones. Users can get benefits of 20-30 services.

In this app, mention the details such as Vehicle owner name, date of registration, model number, insurance validity & other information. So, there is no need to keep any documents while driving. You can only feed the vehicle chasis no. & engine number in your app and all information will be easily seen. By doing this, all the document will show on dashboard of MParivahan app which saves you from paying heavy fine.

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The new motor vehicle act empowered in India from 1st of September 2019. There are huge fine charged for violating traffic rules after the Amendment in motor vehicle. Here, we provide the information about the rules & procedure that how some Traffic Rule Not allows to Cut Challan Instantly. We also mention the two apps that help users to keep all the soft copy of the documents in these apps to escape for challan.

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