8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Smartphones during Flash Sales Online

8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Smartphones during Flash Sales Online

8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Smartphones during Flash Sales

Mobile brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Asus sell their smartphones through flash sales. These organizations discharge a limited number of cell phones which for the most part go out of the sale in no time. For instance, Xiaomi guaranteed that it sold the first stock of Redmi Note 5 Pro in less than 3 minutes. Asus asserted its Zenfone Max Pro M1 cell phone went out-of-stock in under 30 seconds. So for that here are 8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Smartphones during Flash Sales Online

In this way, it’s generally difficult to get your hands on popular smartphones during these flash sales. Nonetheless, following some straightforward tips and tricks can enormously expand your odds of getting the cell phone you had wanted to purchase.

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8 Tips & Tricks for Shoppers to Buy Smartphones

#1 Proper Internet Connection

Fast and reliable internet connection is a must. The faster the speed, the faster the webpage will load and also fasten the entire buying process.

#2 Decide the Color and Storage/RAM in Advance.

Pre-Decide the smartphone’s color, storage/RAM option you want to buy to save the precious few minutes.

#3 Login at Least 10 Minutes Before the Sale Timing

You should be logged in 5-10 minutes before the flash sale timing on that particular website. It will give you extra time to complete the initial setup for making the purchase.

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#4 Use Auto-Buy Browser Extensions

There are many extensions for different browsers to speed up your buying process. They have many features like auto-refresh, auto-fill payment & more to help you out.

#5 Keep Refreshing the Product Page You Want To Buy

Keep refreshing the page minimum of 30 seconds before the sale start. This will help you to click on the Buy Now button as soon as the product becomes available.

#6 Keep Your Mouse Pointer on Buy Now Button

Keep your mouse pointer ready near to the ‘Buy Now’ button, this will quickly add your purchase to the cart and proceed with the next steps.

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#7 Use Cash-on-Delivery (COD) option

By using the Cash-on-Delivery (COD) option, you can check out faster than any available modes of payment. This saves time of entering card details and OTP’s and other processing steps.

#8 Save your payments details in advance

If there’s no COD option available or you want to pay using your card, then make sure to add and save the card details into your account before the sale starts. This will help you to speed up the payment process.

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Follow these 8 Tips & Tricks to Buy Smartphones during Flash Sales Online and you’ll get the positive results.

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