Know, When and How You Should Talk to Kids about Sex, Age Wise Guide

Know, When and How You Should Talk to Kids about Sex, Age-by-Age Guide

When and How You Should Talk to Kids about Sex

In India, Sex is the topic on which most of the people avoid to talk with children. But At present it is very important to openly discuss about Sex with kids. Along with this it is also keep in mind that when and how you should talk to Kids about Sex. So, by going through this article you get to know at what time you need to tell your children regarding sex. Mostly parents hesitate to talk to children about sex and because of that most of the children know that an angel leaves baby to parents. Here we provide an age by age guide that when you should talk to kids about sex. Check Now!

Suddenly, Kids asked parents what is the meaning of sex or crush but at that time parents get hesitate and do not understand what answer they need to give to their child and how to explain them. Specially, In India, mostly people avoid to talk to children but in reality it is very essential for children to know about sex as per their age. From below, you get to know at what age children need to talk to sex.

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Age-by-Age Guide to Talk to Kids about Sex

Talk to kids regarding sex is not an easy but it is very necessary and it’s never too early to start. It is very hard for people where to begin especially if parents didn’t talk to you regarding sex when you were growing up. In below section of this article, we are discussing at what age how much you require telling to your children. Go through it now, it will definitely help you.

At Four Years Age: When your kid is only 4 years old then you need to only tell regarding their private parts. Tell your kid that how babies are born. For example: tell your child that your mother has uterus in stomach where he lived before born.

At Eight Years Age: Children at the age of 8 starts to understand some things. You can tell them that your parents have born to you. If the child asks, also tell them that a cell found in his father called Sperm and a small cell found in Mother’s body knows as Eggs. When you were about to born, you came out from uterus. At this age, it is enough to tell your child.

At Ten Year Age: At the age of 10, you can more openly talk to your children about sex.  If in news, you listen about rape then also tell you child regarding it. Kids are very keen to know regarding things heard. So, parents give your children right details in place of moving things around.

At 15 Year Age: At this age, children become more sensible and also form their own idea regarding sex. So, it is very necessary to understand your child thinking in conversation and give your children a right direction. How is it right to have sex and at what age, give all details to your children. You can also tell your children regarding POCSO act.

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Things Which Parents Need To Keep In Mind

Sometimes, kids have different questions about sex at different age. So, remember the points, give below:

  • Parents must not avoid children’s questions regarding sex. Children want to know each and everything as there is curiosity in them to know. It is the time of internet and children are not stay away from anything. Parents need not to embarrass their child if they feel that their child wants to know more than his ages just tell your child about this topic with love.
  • Parents should not think that children want sex as early as they talk regarding sex. As per the research, it has seen that children, with whom parents talk regarding sex they are emotionally, physically and mentally ready for it and when make first time relationship also use contraceptives. Those children understand consent better and they know that they can say no.
  • Even if you disagree with your children opinion, listen carefully.
  • Try to use things that come up on television or in music to begin the conversation.

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So, those people who hesitate to talk to kids about sex are suggested that must tell your children regarding it. The main thing you people need to keep in mind that at what age and how you should talk to them. So, for helping you out, we are discussing that in what age and how much your child needs to know about Sex.

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