Best Sports Bike Under 2 Lakh in India | Checkout Latest Models, Prices

Best Sports Bike Under 2 Lakh in India | Checkout Latest Models, Prices

Best Sports Bike Under 2 Lakh in India

₹ 2 lakh is a great budget to buy the dream bike, especially if you want to enhance your driving to a new level with a more powerful, more adventurous ride. Here you can also know about the Dream Bike of Boys “Bullet”, apart from this the bikes are for great performance, these bikes are for daily use as well as for the long drive and touring purposes as well. There are some Best Sports Bike under 2 Lakh in India which offers best performance and personality. Checkout Latest Models of motorcycles & prices.

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Best Bikes under ₹ 2 Lakh

1. KTM Duke 200

Engine199.5 cc
Power25 bhp
Torque19.2 Nm
Price₹1.61 Lakhs

The famous KTM 200 Duke bike is ₹1.61 lakh, it has new feature such as anti-lock brakes sourced from Bosch. The KTM 200 Duke has engine of 199.5 cc single-cylinder having liquid-cooled engine in BS-V compliant. Power output is same and the motor runs at 24.6 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 19.2 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm with a 6-speed gearbox.

2. Royal Enfield Classic 350

Engine346 cc
Power19.8 bhp
Torque28 Nm
Price₹1.54 lakhs – ₹1.64 lakhs

Here comes the Royal Enfield motorcycle, which every boys dream to buy – the Royal Enfield Classic 350. With some added design and elements which makes it different from the other Royal Enfield bikes, having new tail light, upswept exhaust and a split seat. Having Engine of 346cc single-cylinder, with four-stroke cycle and air-cooled engine with 5 Speed Transmission is amazing. Its retro looks, fuel economy and other great features and ride quality make it a good choice.

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3. KTM RC 200

Engine199.5 cc
Power25 bhp
Torque19.5 Nm
Price₹1.71 Lakh

Powered by the 200cc single-cylinder engine of the 200 Duke, the RC 200 offers superb handling and the engine loves being revved and needs to be kept at high rpms to extract maximum performance. KTM RC 200 has a great 6-speed transmission having an effective shift through the gears while riding in traffic and comfortable in top gear. To free-revving engine, just downshift some gears and refill the engine, and gives you an adventurous entertaining performance. Great for Trips, Touring at hilly areas, the RC 200 budget is a good package which is really difficult to resist, although the aggressive riding position can really be extended.

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4. Honda CBR250R

Engine249.6 cc
Power25 bhp
Torque22.9 Nm
Price₹1.67 Lakh

Honda CBR250R is the best affordable 250cc bike and one of the favorite with its friendly ergonomics and comfortable riding position. As per the sources, Honda CBR250R is one of the favorite touring motor bikes in India. Having power of 250cc, single-cylinder engine having liquid-cooled DOHC feature which generates 26 bhp and 22.9Nm of torque is amazing. It is not one of the best performance bikes, but it’s very amazing for the experienced rider wherever the fresh riders won’t find it intimidating. Power of the bike is amazingly awesome and is available on sale ABS and non-ABS variants.

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5. Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Power24 bhp
Torque18.6 Nm
Price₹1.42 Lakh

Bajaj RS 200 offers a great performance in your budget with a solid top end. Having the same engine as KTM 200 Duke has, it makes 24.4bhp at 9,750rpm and 18.6Nm at 8,000rpm. For adventurous riding, and speedy cruising, the Pulsar RS 200 provides such an affordable performance bike. The design is not that much impressive other than that RS 200 overall have good projector headlamps, cuts and creases and bodywork is kind of impressive as well. As per the performance market RS 200 is one of the great choices under this budget.

6. Royal Enfield Himalayan

Engine411 cc
Power24.5 bhp
Torque32 Nm
Price₹1.81 Lakh

The last in the Best Sports Bike under 2 Lakh in India list is the Royal Enfield Himalayan. It is built for adventure and cool riding with great design and performance to run on highways and explore the beyond. It has 411cc engine generating 24.4bhp power and 32Nm torque. Some of the great features are Long travel suspension, high ground clearance & mono shock rear suspension. Royal Enfield Himalayan is the best bike provides you comfort on the broken roads and rocky & hilly terrain

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