Self Defense Techniques for Women
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Self Defense Techniques for Women | 9 Moves Every Girl Should Practice

Self Defense Techniques for Women

Day by day, Violence against Women in India is increasing so to protect themselves women should learn techniques of Self Defense. Here in this article, we are going to discuss Self Defense Techniques for Women.  If you are a woman, you may be experienced some nervous feeling while walking alone at night, fear of what hidden around a dark corner. There is also a chance you have felt that your heart rate speed increases when you thought that you were followed and possibly even attacked. So, here is good news for you, just learn Few Self Defense moves that give you skills and confidence from below. We are advised that Every Girl Should practice these 9 Self Defense Moves.

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9 Moves Every Girl Should Practice

Here are 9 Self techniques that every woman should learn. If you are in a situation that you can use one or more moves, one thing you should need to remember that aggressive is essential.

1) For Starters, Learn The Vulnerable Places:

It doesn’t matter who strong your attacker is because women can beat anyone if you know when you know weak are. Main vulnerable places are eyes, chest, knees, groin, nose, and throat. So, women, you can attack in any way you want but for the safe side, you must remember that most efficient moves are aimed at these areas.

2) If You Were Grabbed From The Front:

Women, if you were holding on from the front and you cannot lift your hands do the following: Move your hands forward and make a fist in front of your pelvis. After that, hit the attacker’s nose with your forehead. This way attacker moves away from you and Now you can hit him in the groin with a knee.

You can also protect yourself with palm. Straighten your left arm and hit attacker on his chin and nose with right arm then hit him in the groin. In that way, the attacker will be disoriented for long period and won’t be able to move here and there.

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3) How to Free Your Hands:

You can easily escape a stronghold if you remember “rule of thumb”: rotate the arm to the side of the attacker’s thumb. Rotate your wrist toward the thumb, if the attacker is holding your arm tightly. When your arm is under the attacker, pull your arm as powerfully as you can.

4) Simple and Most Efficient Moves:

One of the best moves that will make any giant whimper or drop to his knees is gripping the wrist.  With one hand, Grab his little finger and his ring finger, his middle and with another hand, grab index finger and bend the wrist forward.   If you are not able to grab the opposite person’s hand, hit him with a fist or with a finger between the collarbones or into his Adam’s apple. This allows you to disorient your opposite person enough that it takes him a long time for coming back into normal senses. The weakest area is groin for attack and all self-defense courses suggested attacking for this area. By hitting on this area will exactly paralyze the attacker and you will get enough time to escape.

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5) If You Were Grabbed From Behind:

The easiest way to hold a victim’s arms for attackers often comes from the back so that the victim cannot move them. To make yourself free, quickly bend back and try to hit an opponent person with the back of your head. If you can’t do it: the point is to make the opponent person put one leg forward. Now rapidly bend down, grab his leg and pulling it with you. After that attacker loses balance and able to drop even the major opponent.

6) If You Were Pushed Against The Wall:

Commonly, the attacker tries to corner the victim or push them against the wall. In that situation, it’s important to remember the most vulnerable places and attack one of those vulnerable places depending on your position.

  • In case, both attacker arms are up, strengthen palm and hit him in the armpit.
  • If one of your arms is down, chance, you can hit the opposite person in his chest, neck or jaw.
  • One of the most efficient and powerful hits is hit with your head

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7) If You Were Approached And Grabbed From Side:

When the attacker approached & grabbed from the side, Victim needs to hit from elbow which is one of the most dangerous hits in all kinds of martial arts. With a curved move, hit the attacker’s temple, nose, or jaw and after that opponent person takes a few steps back. Now, you require to hit him on his belly or chest. Elbow hits are very strong that they will disorient an attacker.

8) Never Stop Moving:

If someone attacked you, the worst thing women can do is stand still-Even if you are not trained in Self-defense. Unless they have a weapon, you should always fight back. Don’t stand still because this also puts you in more danger. Show that you are not going to allow them for attacking you by fighting back and try to hit the attacker on vulnerable places.

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9) Remain Calm:

Stay calm, when someone attacked you is quite a difficult task. But it is very essential to save yourself because at that time you need to take some calculative decisions. When someone attacked you don’t allow your panic to take over. Always feel confident that you are capable to fight with your attacker and don’t be scared.  When you stay calm, you can thing better to think through your actions.

How To Safe Yourself If You Are Not Physically Able To Protect Yourself?

  • Stay in Public Area: Walk into coffee-shop, store and ask for help.
  • Call the Police: Dial Police number, if you feel that you are in danger
  • Carry protection: Keep pepper spray, personal safety alarm, or a lipstick Taser and other things into your bag, these self-defense tools can help you feel more at ease.

Girls, if you carry any self-defense tools, firstly you need to get trained on how to use them. You can also use more common things too safe yourself i.e. weapons like an umbrella, briefcase, book, pencil, safety pin, etc.

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I hope, these Self Defense Techniques for Women will definitely help you. Girls must do the practice of these 9 Self-defense moves, to keep yourself safe from any dangerous situation. We wish that you never have to use these 9 moves but in case you are in a threatening situation, always remember the vulnerable places.  Girls, if you know any move that could be helpful, share with us in the comment box.

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