Government Answered 13 Questions on CAA & NRC to Eliminate Confusion, Read All
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Government Answered 13 Questions on CAA & NRC to Eliminate Confusion, Read All

13 Questions on CAA & NRC Answered

Opposition Parties claims that Citizenship Amendment Act brought by Central Government violates the Constitution of India and is totally contrary to basic spirit of India. Between chaoses going through the country, the Modi government has now begun to inform people regarding Citizenship Amendment Act. To clarify the rumor, Modi government answered 13 Questions on CAA & NRC. To Eliminate Confusion, read all answers of 13 questions by going through this article.

In many parts of the country like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Public and Opposition parties are taking to streets against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). After Delhi, in some cities of UP Protests also took violence form. Central Govt includes PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah is claiming that opposition party spread rumors regarding CAA among public. Government has now started to answer the Questions that are rising continuously in protest. Central Govt has answered 13 Questions which give public strong details regarding Citizenship Amendment Act. Apart from these questions, details regarding CAA have also advertised in the newspapers.

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These 13 Questions includes Difference between Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), which documents will need for proving citizenship of National Register of Citizens (NRC), Effect of CAA on public of the nation, does it require scaring Muslims. In below part of this article, we are providing the list of 13 questions and their answers, to eliminate the confusion of Public.

Government Answered 13 Questions on CAA and NRC

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Central Government, brought Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) in which immigrants from Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian and Parsi communities coming from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan will get India’s Citizenship. Aside from this, Time limit to get      citizenship was 11 years; it has reduced to 6 years. Opposition claims that Citizenship Amendment Act violates Article 14 of Constitution of India.

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