Quarantine Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones During Lockdown
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Quarantine Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones During Lockdown

Quarantine Birthday Ideas 

As we are in Lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak It becomes frustrating by maintaining social distancing when it’s your or our Loved one’s birthday where you can’t control to be social at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a blast with your friends on special day. You just need to be little creativity to get it done. So here we bring you some great Quarantine Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones During Lockdown and make their special day memorable. You just need to make some arrangements and Voila you have a great birthday celebration of this devastating year 2020.

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Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones During Lockdown

1. To have an amazing Birthday wish, invite all the friends and closed ones together on video call at midnight to have a heartily wish for him/her.

2. Totally take the advantage of social media and Start a hashtag (example: #Newzbullet) and ask all your friends & close ones to upload a silly, funny, cute, weird pictures of the birthday boy/girl. Take a printout of these pics, get them in a collage and gift it him/her when we are free from this lockdown.

3. As online Delivery of food is available now, you can send cake, food or whatever the person likes to the birthday boy/girl.

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4. If you live nearby to the birthday person, ask them to come over balcony/terrace/window and shout Happy Birthday and have a small chit chat.

5. Write many heart-warming wishes and send it throughout the day over text, WhatsApp or over social media.

6. Ask their friends/family to shoot a small video that will be funny, emotional, happy, blissful etc. edit it or add filters or emoticons to make it more colourful and lovely and share online for the birthday girl/boy

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7. If you want to have a party with friends, then together you can watch a movie and chat via Netflix Party

8. On their special day you can together play video game online where you can chat (for eg: PubG) and bring some eatables and snacks on your own and enjoy.

9. On this difficult time Donate something to the needy in the name of the birthday boy/girl, and share the thank you note with the birthday person

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10. Make some posters by using the pictures of the birthday boy/girl and write some special notes on it and leave the poster nearby the home/flat of the birthday boy/girl.

By using these ideas, you can surprise your loved ones in this lockdown time and make their birthday special and memorable. We have given 10 Quarantine Birthday Ideas to Surprise Your Loved Ones During Lockdown. For more updates regarding sports, news, entertainment and what to do in quarantine, stay tuned with Newzbullet.com

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