10 Daily Use Products & Services we use are Chinese or have their Investors
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10 Daily Use Products & Services we use are Chinese or have their Investors

10 Daily Use Products & Services we use are Chinese

As per the scenario going between India and China on Line of Actual Control (LAC), our countrymen decided to boycott Chinese Products as to attack on China Economy. So we have done a bit of research and what we found out is just blown my mind. Some China in practically exporting everything to India we own or use in our everyday life. FYI we have bring the 10 Daily Use Products & Services we Use are Chinese or have Chinese Investors this is just a small list among the import India is doing with China and surely you’ll be shocked to know the scenario.

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Chinese Products & Services

1. Out of top five bestselling Smartphone brands in India, four are Chinese that are Xiaomi, Vivo, Realme and Oppo

2. The biggest company of China Alibaba Group alone has invested over $1,700 million in many products & services.

  • Big Basket ($250 million)
  • com ($400 million)
  • Paytm Mall ($150 million)
  • Zomato ($200 million)
  • Snapdeal ($700 million)

3. Tencent Holdings Chinese Company has invested over $1,650 million in Indian firms

  • Byju’s ($50 million)
  • Dream11 ($150 million)
  • Flipkart ($300 million)
  • Hike Messenger ($150 million)
  • Ola ($500 million)
  • Swiggy ($500 million).

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4. Chinese companies also hold stakes in many firms in India such as Delhivery, MakeMyTrip, Oyo, PolicyBazzar, Quikr, Rivigo etc. 

5. Most of the iPhones in Indio are assembled in China. And Many rare earth elements from the Periodic Table  were found in China approx a group of 17 elements were mined and refined in China. 

6. Fertilizers, chemicals, and plastic material are among the top Indian importsfrom China. Toys which kids play or the plastic water bottles to the food we farm and eat, all are somehow have Chinese products.

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7. Medicinal drug-makers import nearly 70 per cent of their API/bulk drugs, from China. APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) are kind of a raw materials which is used to manufacture medicine are imported from China. For example, Paracetamol is the API for Crocin.

8. In case of metals, Between April’19 to January’20, India imported $2.5 billion of silver in form of plates, powder and sheets etc. So from needle, spoons, utensil to jewelry are mostly come from China. 

9. India is also a high importer of monitors and projectors with other devices from China. It’s also possible that the screen in which you are reading this article is somehow related to China.

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10. In year 2019, India has importing 10 times more auto components from China than India was exporting products. So our cars also have parts that are Chinese too. 

Here is the list of 10 Daily Use Products & Services we use are Chinese or have Chinese Investors. The list is so lengthy but slowly and gradually for sure we can hit the Chinese market from India

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