13 Popular Urdu Poets Who Make Us Love Urdu & Their Heart Gripping Shayaris

13 Popular Urdu Poets Who Make Us Love Urdu & Their Heart Gripping Shayaris

13 Prevalent Urdu Poets Who Make Us Love Urdu

Have you fallen in love with Shayari? Then, you must check out 13 Popular Urdu Poets Who Make Us Love Urdu. Before the age of Netizens, remixes, and EDM, Urdu was relevant, touching and beautiful and still manages for finding passionate lovers. We may energetically seek out Urdu works and devour them now, but there were some poets and their famous works, that first permitted us for discovering the magic of this language. So, in this article, we are going to tell you about the list of popular Urdu Poets who give major reasons to fall in love with Urdu Language and their heart-gripping shayaris.

Many people don’t search meanings of words or understand the beauty of Urdu expressions. These Urdu poets pervaded Urdu expressions and words flawlessly into lyrics, Ghazals, and shayaris. This Ghazal, Lyrics, and shayaris are not only easier to understand, but also allowing us to slowly fall in endless love with the Urdu language. Check out the best list of 13 Popular Urdu Poets and heart touching shayaris.

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Popular Urdu Poets

 1) Mirza Ghalib:

In Urdu Poetry, Mirza Ghalib had a famous personality that can never be disregarded. Mirza Ghalib wrote poetry in 2 languages i.e. Urdu and Persian. It is very difficult to pick one poetry or Shayari from plentiful gems that Mirza Ghalib gifted us. The beauty of Mirza Ghalib’s poetry is that the feelings expressed in his Shayaris are still relevant. Even, Mirza Ghalib Poetry uses in films i.e. 2015 Film Masaan consist of various examples of Shayaris.

Mirza Ghalib

2) Faiz Ahmad Faiz:

Faiz Ahmad Faiz was Urdu Marxist, poet and author and he is one the best-celebrated writers of Urdu Language. Faiz Ahmad Faiz’s work truly touches the human heart and He recalls the emotions of people because his poetry is not often without an accompanying poignant pain quality. We can say that if someone realizes the pain of lost love, it has Faiz Ahmad Faiz Sahab.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz

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3) Javed Akhtar:

Javed Akhtar is a poet, Indian political activist, writer and screenwriter and he is basically from Gwalior. It can be easily said that Javed Akhtar improved his skill as much as he inborn it, seeing his parents were also brilliant writers and poets. In industry, it is one poet who has memorialized in the world of poetry and literature and touched intricacy of pain, love, and loss with his words. He is the one who makes us fall in love with Urdu Language and that’s the reason poetry touches the people’s souls throughout generations. The simplicity of Javed Akhtar works makes them so memorable in the heart of people.

Javed Akhtar

4) Gulzar:

Sampooran Singh Kalra has known popularly by his pen name “Gulzar” or “Gulzar Saab”. Gulzar is an Oscar-winning Indian film director, lyricist, and poet. Gulzar mainly writes in 2 languages i.e. Urdu and Punjabi. Gulzar’s Poetry is in Triveni type of stanza. Gulzar always adapts writing with changing times but the ability to recall human emotions was and will always be the keystone of all of his works. Pick a single song for representing Gulzar Saab is just impossible but his work comes pretty close.


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5) Ada Jafri:

Ada Jafri was a Pakistani Poet, regarded as “The First Lady of Urdu Poetry”. Ada Jafri expresses herself at a time when society was mainly conservative towards women in poetry.  Mostly, Ada Jafri written ghazals and her work express her experiences as wife and mother. Some of the Finest couplets beautifully express poignant pain of loneliness.

Ada Jafri

6) Firaq Gorakhpuri:

Raghupati Sahay is popularly known by his pen name Firaq Gorakhpuri, a writer, critic and from India, it is one of the most noted Urdu poets. He wrote much Urdu poetry, Urdu writing style, numerous volumes on literary themes in Hindi, as well as 4 volumes of English writing style on literary and cultural subjects. He was noted poet and most of his work came into creating during his occupation as an English lecturer at Allahabad University. His relevancy of work is not bounding by the time.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

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7) Bashir Badr:

Bashir Badr is an Indian Poet of Urdu and it is one of the most capable Urdu poets of our time. Bashir Badr served as a lecturer at both Meerut University and Aligarh Muslim University. In 1999, Bashir Badr was awarded Padma Shri Award for his contribution to literature. Bashir Badr has released more than 7 collections of Urdu poems and even been awarded the Sahitya Akademi Award in Urdu.

Bashir Badr

8) Rahat Indori:

Rahat Indori’s poetic intelligence has made him one of the most admired celebrity Urdu poets of all time. Over the years, Rahat Indori’s well-known mushaira performances and famous lyrics have only added to his prominence. If you are a lover of Urdu Shayaris, you must have heard about Rahat Indori. His writing gives an inspirational outlook to our jumbled lives and inspires us for staying put in the face of misery.

Rahat Indori:

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9) Nida Fazli:

Muqtada Hasan Nida Fazli is popularly known as Nida Fazli and he was Indian Hindi and Urdu Poet, the dialogue writer and lyricist. The government of India awarded Nida Fazli, a Padma Shri in 2013 for his contribution to literature. Nida Fazli’s use of informal language in his ghazals and nazms not only caught the filmmaker’s attention but also managed to make his work tremendously famous, and correctly so.

Nida Fazli

10) Ahmad Faraz:

Syed Ahmed Shah is better known by his pen name “Ahmed Faraz”, was Pakistani Urdu Poet. Faraz Saab is mainly known as one of the best modern Urdu poets. This poet’s works gained enormous popularity, that he was considered to be 2nd only to Faiz Saab. Ahmed Faraz’s works express the joy, simplicity of love and anguish in a way that some other poets have been able to do.

Ahmad Faraz

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11) Wasim Barelvi:

Zahid Hussain was popularly known by pen name Wasim Barelvi, is eminent Indian Urdu language poet, Hindi Poet, and Shayari. His many ghazals were sung by Jagjit Singh. Wasim Barelvi works will always make you sit up, take notice and reflect. Wasim Barelvi poems make for delightful read really.

Wasim Barelvi

12) Jaun Elia:

Syed Sibt-e-Ashgar Naqvi, generally known as Jaun Elia, was a Pakistani Urdu Poet, Biographer, philosopher, and scholar. Jaun Elia expresses his pain through Poetry and Maybe, this is why even the love that he talks about is always unanswered. His ghazals, especially on the power of love, are emotively beautiful.

Jaun Elia

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13) Mir Taqi Mir:

18th Century Urdu poet, Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir also known as Mir Taqi Mir or Meer Taqi Meer and it is one of a creator who gave shape to the Urdu Language. He was one of the Poets of Delhi School of Urdu Ghazal and is frequently remembered as one of the best poets of Urdu Language or ‘God of Poetry’.

Mir Taqi Mir

This is all about 13 Popular Urdu Poets Who Make Us Love Urdu and their heart touching Shayaris. Truthfully, Urdu has Unique magic and it’s because of many artists that we have been delightfully charmed.

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