Nationwide Safety App for Women

Nationwide Safety App for Women in Distress Launches by Central Govt

Nationwide Safety App for Women

The central government has launched a nationwide safety App for women in Distress. Union Minister of Women and Child Development (WCD) Smriti Irani shared the details in a written reply in Lok Sabha. In the reply it stated that the Women Safety App provides a single number (112) based assistance in emergencies to women. One can also connect via using any of these ways which are triple press the start button or dial 999 or 555 on mobile. In the below section let’s talk in detail about the Nationwide Safety App for Women in Distress.

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Nationwide Emergency App for the Safety of Women

GOI also has add up The Emergency Response Support System (ERSS) which can be used through the ‘112 India’ mobile app from any smartphone. It also means women can use for a single number (112) based assistance in emergencies. You can also go through the official tweet of Ministry of WCD (Women and Child Development)

It’s also mentioned as under the 17th schedule to the Constitution of India, ‘Police’ and ‘Public order’ are state subjects. This indicates that maintaining law and order, protection of life and property of the citizens, including the safety of women, is primarily the responsibility of the States and Union Territories.

The States and Union Territories will arrange training of police, including male personnel, to take care while handling crime against women and be sensitive and comfortable. Also, the central government will provide training to the police and other required forces from time to time in regard of women safety that includes sensitization courses to improvise their duty, responsibility and rules.

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The government has also taken an initiative and set up 684 One Stop Centres for violence-affected women with the help of the Nirbhaya Fund.

It is a Nationwide Safety App for Women in Distress easily accessible app-based helplines, Let’s hope these initiatives help in reducing to crime against women decreasing.

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