List of 11 Mobile Games You Can Play during 21 Days Of Lockdown

List of 11 Mobile Games You Can Play during 21 Days Of Lockdown

Mobile Games You Can Play during 21 Days Of Lockdown

Because of the quick spread of coronavirus, the government has given a notification for 21 days of complete lockdown in the nation. This is when individuals are searching for various sources of entertainment. If you are are somebody with no thought of what you will do during the following 21 days, don’t stress we have you secured. Here we bring you Mobile Games You Can Play during 21 Days Of Lockdown.

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1) Angry Birds 2

We bet that you have surely played this game at some age in your life. If you are bored during quarantine, all you need is to shoot birds at evil pigs.

2) Fortnite

Your objective in the game is exceptionally basic, be the last individual or group left standing. If you love fight royale games, you should attempt Fortnite as its unique construction mechanics are something you’ve never experienced

3) Minecraft

Searching for a game to play with companions when you’re locked at home? This can be probably the best game that you can get. Just setup a server and play the game with your companions or join a server and play it with outsiders.

4) Clash Royale

After a gigantic achievement of Clash of Clans the engineer, Supercell chose to dispatch another multiplayer game in 2016. The game brings a few components from tower defence, multiplayer online fight field and collectable games into a solitary game.

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5) 8 Ball Pool

It is extremely basic, you will collect all the balls of your sort while preventing the opponent from doing likewise. Be cautious while collecting the black ball of the fact that hitting the black ball into an inappropriate pocket or taking the black ball before the other seven will result in an instant loss.

List of 11 Mobile Games

6) Ludo King

We as a child have played ludo in our childhood and now also. Presently, a game called Ludo King welcomes a similar experience on your mobile. You can play this game either with your friends, with CPU or online with different players.

7) Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular online multiplayer game where players from various networks called clans train troops and attack different players to win four resources gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. You can likewise construct an unique village and attack your friend’s village.

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8) Call Of Duty: Mobile

In couple of hours of its launch, a great many COD fans downloaded the game resulted in crashed servers. When the issue was settled individuals began playing the game and it circulated around the web. A few people call it PUBG with modern graphics.

9) PUBG Mobile

PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most well known Android games. The way that the game is free to play and conveys some intense action, individuals from all over the world rushed to play it soon after it was launched

10) Plants vs Zombies 2

If you don’t have others to play around with you, Plants vs Zombies 2 is the mainstream tower defence game to play on your phone. The game gives you an collection of plants against the attack of zombies.

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11) Temple Run 2

If you are searching for a game that can keep you connected for long hours, Temple Run 2 is the game you need. The continuation of the first Temple Run game is likewise an endless runner that offers improved graphics and includes new obstacles, achievements and power-ups.

Regardless of having individuals to play with you or not, these games will keep you connected with during the 21 days of lockdown.

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