Leh Ladakh Trip with Friends

Enjoy Leh Ladakh Trip with Friends: Adventurous Bike Rides, Trekking, Camping

Leh Ladakh Trip with Friends

Travelling is one of the few things in our life which we enjoy. It gives us some space from the daily hectic work schedule of life & refreshes our mind & body. There is a freedom in it that cannot be defined in words. We must plan to travel in the lap of the nature & the hills with friends, there will be more fun with them. If you are planning for a trip with your friends then Leh Ladakh is surely one of best place where you can visit with your friends. Enjoy Leh Ladakh Trip with Friends on Adventurous Bike Rides on Bullet, Do Trekking & Camping and lot more.

Leh Ladakh is popular tourist destination in India. This place is so beautiful for its view & beauty of the nature. Ladakh is a city which was the part of Jammu & Kashmir State. But after remove the article 370 by the Indian government. Now, it is the Union territory in India. Travellers can do many adventurous things such as bike riding on Bullet, Trekking, camping & other activities that you can enjoy in Leh Ladakh trip with your Friends.

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Adventures in Leh Ladakh

Bike Riding:

People love to do bike riding on their visit of Leh Ladakh trip. Bike riding in Leh Ladakh is one of the things that many people want to experience at least once in their life. It is a very memorable moment that you can never be forgotten. You have to prepare mentally & physically for rugged terrains & unpredictable weather. You can ride a bike on snow-capped mountains, narrow roads, Karakoram mountain ranges, ancient monasteries and many such fantastic spots.


Travellers can enjoy Trekking when they visit Leh Ladakh. There are lots of popular trekking place in Leh Ladakh that you can enjoy.

Chadar trek, It is one of the most popular treks in Ladakh. The best time for trek this place is mid Jan to end Feb. It is a difficult track but you can get lovely experience from it.

There is more trekking destination like Stok Kangri Trek, Snow leopard trek, Markha valley trek, Kashmir great lakes trek or more trekking place where you can bring the lovely memories from Leh Ladakh.

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Leh Ladakh is one best place to experience India’s beautiful mountain ranges, valleys and lakes. In camping, you can spent few night under the stars & enjoy the lamp of nature. The tents are available here, where you can relax & feel the nature. There are lots of camping places in Leh Ladakh where you can have fun.

Nubra valley: It is popular & tri arm valley & beautiful spot to camp while visiting Ladakh. You can see snow clad mountains, ruined places & ancient gompas. The best time to camp out here is between June to September month. In this month weather is beautiful & night under the sky are mesmerizing.

Indus River: This is one of the best valleys in Leh Ladakh. It makes the great camping for its natural beauty & stunning scenery. You can trek during the day & spend a night in Indus river camp.

Tsomoriri Lake: This is the largest lake in the Ladakh region & best place for camping out. It is located at an attitude of 15,075 feet. In this lake, there are a large number of flowers with spotting 30 species of birds.

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Leh Ladakh is one best place in India where you can travel. It’s is one of the best tourist destination with snow mountains, valleys & river & lap the beauty of nature. You can enjoy a lot with adventure activities such as trekking, bike riding, camping & other activities. There are various beautiful valleys, river & mountains in Leh Ladakh where we can take amazing & memorable experience.

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