Reliance Jio Users Can Earn During Lockdown
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Reliance Jio Users can earn during Lockdown by Recharging Other Jio Connections

Reliance Jio Users can earn during Lockdown

As a big news Reliance Jio Is Letting Users to Earn Commission By Recharging Other Jio Connections, yes you read it right by downloading an app and recharging other jio numbers you’ll get a commission of 4.16% on every Rs.100. As a small earning Reliance Jio is making the people earn during the lockdown. so here the details of Reliance Jio Users can earn during Lockdown by Recharging Other Jio Connections

If you are looking to earn a little extra money you just have to recharge Jio numbers of your friends and family & known-ones, Reliance recently has launched an application named as JioPOS Lite that will give you the benefits.

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As per the sources, the app is available to download from Google Play Store which allow users to become a partner of Reliance Jio. Firstly you have to register yourself & After registration, user can recharge any other prepaid connections of family, friends of himself and earn a commission of 4.16% as a reward.

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Here’s how you can earn during Lockdown:

  • After downloading the application from play store on any Android phone, a user has to complete the registration process. It’s important that a user must have an existing Jio connection which is compulsorily required to complete the registration.

  • Once you complete the whole process of registration, the Jio POS Lite app asks you to add money in the wallet. On spending every ₹100 through the app, the user will get a commission of ₹4.16.

Please note that the registration process don’t want any document’s hardcopy, neither do any physical verification.

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As of now, the app is available only on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from here.

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