900% HIKE In IITs M.Tech Fee
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900% HIKE In IITs M.Tech Fee | Surgical Strike on Uninterested Students

900% HIKE In IITs M.Tech Fee

The Indian Institute of Technology has surgical strike on Uninterested M.tech students. IITs have decided to increase the fees of M.Tech courses by upto 10 times (900%). It has raise the fees from Rs.20,000 to Rs.2 lakh per year annually. As of now, the fee of M.Tech course of IIT is similar to B.Tech fee. The main reason of 900% HIKE In IITs M.Tech Fee is that the students has drop out the course due to search of job or prepare any competitive exam.

The HRD ministry said on Sunday that the recent hikes in fees for M.Tech courses at IIT will not impact existing students. HRD ministry also stopped the stipend of Rs.12,400/- which gives to students who take admission through GATE. It said that the hike will be applicable on fresh admissions only & financial support is also given to the needy students. All scholarships and fee waivers that were being given to B.Tech students, including economically backward candidates, will now be extended to M.Tech aspirants. These decisions was taken in a meeting of IIT council.

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Surgical Strike on Uninterested Students

The IIT-Delhi director V Ramgopal Rao said that he believes that the IIT council has decided to hike the fees for M.Tech programmes will fix the problem of wastage of demanded seat at IIT & save government funds. He said that many students take admission into the M.tech programmes & 50% of them quit as soon as they find a job.

The IIT Delhi director Rao put the following points on his facebook page as reasons that why he supported the fee hike decision.

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IIT Delhi director V Ramgopal Rao said students that join M.Tech programmes in IIT are doing so in search of jobs. Students are not interested to join M tech from IITs. There are 50% students who take admission in to M.Tech & leave their courses as they find a job. Many students who prepare for other competitive examinations & have no interest in what they are pursuing. He reveals that students value the jobs after B.Tech rather than doing M.Tech.

Rao said that it was an alarming situation for students. He also added that the surgical strike on uninterested M.Tech students was needed & he is happy that the ministry & council take such a bold decision.

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The IIT council led by Union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhariyal ‘Nishank’ approved a proposal to hike the fees of M.Tech course & bring at the level of B.Tech courses.

The IIT council committee has increase the M.Tech fees & bringing at least to the level of B.Tech fee over the next three years. It also supports the needy students directly by the government through direct benefit transfer on arranging educational loans.

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So, I think that hike the M.Tech fees is a bold decision by the Indian Institute of Technology. It also encourages the M.Tech students who drop out the course.

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