How To Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook
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How To Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account? Different Ways To Follow

How To Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account?

There are many reasons due to which your Facebook account can get locked or blocked. It might be because of violation of some Facebook’s term of services or you have misused the Facebook activities or any other reason. There might be multiple reasons of blocking your account or disabling it. Although it is suggested not to open the locked or blocked account for up to 96 hours. Clear all your cache and other details like history, cookies etc. Sometimes it itself back to normal after a duration but mostly there are a procedure one’s need to follow to recover their blocked account. Here we are giving the details of How to recover temporarily locked Facebook account? Or what are the different ways to follow for recovering your locked account.

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Different Ways to Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked Solution. How to recover?

When your FB account gets locked, a message is seen written as “For security reason your account is temporarily locked”

There are some of the options given by which you can verify and unlock your temporarily locked Facebook account:

Verify by confirming your mobile number

The easiest step you can follow is to verify your mobile number. Facebook will send you an OTP on your registered mobile number and then verify your account. After the verification you are able to unlock your Facebook account.

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Account authenticity

Facebook surely gives multiple options to verify the account out of one is identifying the photos of your friends. In this authenticity you have to verify photos of a person and select the right option among the five names to unlock your Facebook account. You were given two lifelines; in case you wrongly identify your friend. Once you finished identifying the photos of your friend, you will get a text pop up of “Account verified congratulation!”

Submit Valid ID Proof

If still you are not able to verify your id by the mobile verification or photo tag identification now only one option is left to which is to upload your valid identity card to Facebook as asked. It will take some time in verifying it and then your account will be activated soon.

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If the first Option won’t workout then you can move to the second option which is submitting the Id Proof. No need to worry in submitting your documents as they only use these to verify your identify. Once verified, Facebook will delete your ID information from their database.

These are the details of How to Recover Temporarily Locked Facebook Account? There are Different Ways to unlock the Facebook account start from the easy one and let your account open instantly.

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