How to Open a Bank Account Online? New Saving Account Opening Procedure
How to

How to Open a Bank Account Online? New Saving Account Opening Procedure

How to Open a Bank Account Online

If you want to keep your money safe then Bank is the best option for it. Bank is place where you can deposit the money & can get benefits from it. Every citizen of India must have his own bank account. There is some simple procedure to open saving bank account online. Here, in this article, we have providing the following steps about How to Open a Bank Account Online?

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Open New Saving Account in Bank

Choose the Right Bank: First of all, select a bank in which you want to open a bank account. This is the first & most important things in mind before opening a bank account. When the bank is near to your home, it is easier to access it whenever need or urgent with less travelling. Before selecting the bank, you should also check the internet & mobile banking facilities that are available or not.

Visit the Bank website: Before opening a bank account, you should visit the bank website & check all the information about its services, products & facilities. There is all information that is available on its website. For more details, you can choose to visit the branch office physically during the business hours.

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Schemes of Saving Account: Banks have lots of schemes such as basic saving accounts, no frill accounts & student account etc. You pick a scheme that serves your needs.

Keep the KYC Documents: You should be ready with the documents before opening the saving bank account online. You need to have a Proof of Identity & proof of address together with two recent passport size photographs.

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Procedure to Open a Bank Account Online

As per the RBI rules, These are the few documents that show the proof of Identity at the time of opening the saving account online are:

  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voters’ Identity Card
  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card issued by UIDAI
  • NREGA Card

You need to submit any one of these documents as the proof of Identity. You can also use any one of these documents as proof of address in which the address details are mentioned.

Fill the Bank Form: Once you selected the bank, apply for opening a saving account and fill the form details. Then Upload the documents. After that a bank executive will cross check the documents online or by visiting you.

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KYC: After the document verified by the bank executive, you will have to fill the details asked by bank executive. Bank Executive will take your photo & photos of your documents, signatures or Biometric KYC.

Deposit Amount in Account: In some banks, will be requested to deposit some basic amount in your account. You will have to keep minimum balance after opening a saving account. You will require maintaining a certain amount in a given period of time to prevent from bank penalty.

Collect the Documents: On that time only collect the details such as bank passbook, debit card, net banking credentials etc.

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So, I hope, these are the following steps that how to open a bank account online mentioned above. There is simple procedure for opening saving bank account. You can avail many benefits by opening the saving bank account Online.

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