How to Gain Weight in 2 Month?
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How to Gain Weight in 2 Month? Diet Plan, Tips & Techniques for Skinny People

Gain Weight in 2 Month

Every Person wants to look fit & healthy. Gaining weight is more difficult than losing weight for some people. A question always strikes in Skinny or Thin people’s mind that How to Gain Weight in 2 Month? You can gain your weight by intake more calories in your diet & changes in exercise pattern. Skinny people need to eat more food than they do which are rich in carbs. Those persons who have fast metabolism, they are not gaining weight easily. Thin People have to follow proper diet plan, tips & techniques who want to gain weight in two months.

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How to Gain Weight in 2 Month?

Diet Plan to Gain Weight in 2 Month


  • Breakfast: 2-3 eggs + 2 toast + 1 bowl of milk & cereal OR oats/ poridge OR stuffed parathas/ upma/ poha (If you prefer Desi Style diet)
  • Mid-morning/snack: 1 fruit + yoghurt can add granola + nuts OR fruit juice OR smoothie


  • Lunch: 2-3 Chapati + Vegetable + 1 bowl Pulses (dal) + 1 serving of chicken/ fish or egg (Vegetarians substitute it with) a bowl of yoghurt or paneer + 1 bowl of rice OR Grilled Chicken/Paneer Sandwich + salad with dressing & potatoes OR olive oil/dressing/red or white sauce veg/non-veg Pasta
  • Evening snack: Veg/ non-veg sandwich OR Milkshake

Night dinner:

  • Can be same as lunch (Avoid Rice If needed) OR2 toast with Roast / grilled / Tandoori Chicken OR Baked fish with potatoes / Veg sandwich / grilled veg burger (Paneer/ potato)
  • A glass of milk before sleeping.

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Tips & Techniques to Gain Weight in Two Months

Here are the some tips & techniques that can help you change your diet to help you gain weight in two months mentioned below:

Increase your Daily calories: if you want to gain weight in 2 months, you must have to intake more calories in your diet. You will need to increase your calories 250-500 daily. Your aim to increase calories from half pound to one pound per week. You can add 100 calories per day gradually increase to 1000 calories per day. You should take calories food like chocolate, Peanut butter, nuts & olive oil in your diet.

Increase the number of Meals: You must have to increase the number of meals for gain your weight in 2 month. If you are eating 3 times in a day then now, you will have to increase the meals upto 4 times in day but if you are eating three times in a day, so keep in mind that you have to consume proper carbs and calorie food. You should consume heavy & calorie rich food in breakfast, lunch & dinner. It is advised that you don’t skip any meals.

Eat More Carbohydrates: You must intake carbohydrates in your diet to weight gain. You can add pasta, rice, potatoes & cereals in your diet. You can add more carbohydrates to weight gain easily in 2 months.

High Proteins along with Calories: You will not only add calories in your diet but you also need to add good amount of proteins for weight gain in two months. You can include protein rich food like egg, lean meat, pulses, dairy products etc. This rich protein food is the best ways to increase your weight.

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Add Healthy Fats: Every time fat is not bad. You can include health fats in your diet to weight gain in two months. You should eat egg yolks, meat, coconut oil etc. for healthy fat in your body. Bad fat are trans-fat & saturated fat that can block your arteries by health fat help to gain your weight along manage your mood well, fighting fatigue & good for your mental health.

Workout to Gain Weight: If you want to gain weight in 2 months, workout is equally important as well as calories dense foods. You should have weight training exercise, to tone up your muscles. You should include bench presses, squats and deadlifts in your exercise to build your muscles.

So, I hope these are tips & techniques that very helpful for you to increase the weight gain in two months. If you will follow proper diet plan & exercise then skinny guy must gain weight in 2 months.

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