How to File GST Return Online
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How to File GST Return Online? GST Return Filing Steps, Types, Format & Rule

How to File GST Return Online?

GST (Goods & Services tax) is the single indirect tax charged on the supply of goods & services between different things from the manufacturer to the consumer. GST returns are the tax return forms that are required to be filled by these entities with the Income tax authorities of India. But many of us don’t know How to File GST Return Online? So here we brought you GST Return Filing Steps, Types, Format & Rule.

The Implementation of Goods & Services tax was on July 1st 2017 in all over India. It has one of the India greatest tax reforms of all time. GST replaces all the other Indirect taxes such as central excise duty, state VAT, central sales tax, purchase tax etc. Customer has to pay only the GST charged by the last dealer or supplier in the supply chain. If you are facing the problem in, How to file GST Returns Online? Don’t worry about it. Here there are the simple steps to fill the GST return & also the types, format & rule of GST return Online.

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GST Return Filing Steps

All the taxpayers have to fill their tax returns with the GST department every year. Under the new GST rule, filling tax returns has become automated. You can be filled online using the software provided by Goods & Services tax network. There are the steps for filling GST return Online:

  • Firstly, visit the official GST portal i.e.
  • Then, you must login using your user name & password
  • Then Hit on Return tab under the ‘services’ section
  • On the choosing the return file period, you can view the various forms available & the due date for filling each return
  • Then, hit on prepare online to proceed with filling GST returns

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Types of GST Return Forms

GST return can filled using different forms depending on the type of transaction & registration of the taxpayer. There are various return forms for normal taxpayers are:

GSTR-1: GSTR-1 return form has to be filled by a registered taxable supplier with details of the outward supplies of goods & services. This form is filled by the supplier. It has to be filled by 10th of the following month.

GSTR-2: GSTR-2 return form has to be filled by a registered taxable recipient with details of the inward supplies of goods & services. The form will contain the following details:

Business name, time period for which the return is filed, GST identification number (GSTIN). It has to be filed by 15th of the following month.

GSTR-3: GSTR-3 return form has to be filed by a registered taxpayer with details that are automatically populated by from GSTR-1 and GSTR-2 returns forms. The taxpayer has to verify and make modifications, if any. GSTR-3 return form will contain the following details:

  • Details about Input Tax Credit, liability, and cash ledger
  • Details of tax paid under CGST, SGST, and IGST.
  • Claim a refund of excess payment or request to carry forward the credit.
  • It has to be filed by 20th of the following month.

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There are also 11 GST return file forms that are used to fill the GST return online. Taxpayers can fill different GST return files & get a return from your paying tax to the government of India.

So, I hope, this information is very helpful for supplier & manufacturer to fill the GST return file & get a GST returns in your bank account.

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