How to deal with Depression 7 Important Tips for Person Living With Depression
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How to deal with Depression? 7 Important Tips for Person Living With Depression

How to deal with Depression?

Everything seems challenging when you are going through depression. Doing your work, socializing with friends, or getting up from bed feels devastating. So here we present you How to deal with Depression?  there are some Important Tips you can do to cope with depression and improve quality of life. 7 Important Tips for Person Living with Depression so check it out and start using them.

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7 Important Tips for Person Living With Depression

1. Build a Support Network:

You have to develop strong social support. Building a Support Network will help you in connecting with people which helps in overcoming the loneliness. For some, this can relate by forging stronger ties with friends or family. To know the person whom you can count on supportive loved ones can surely help you go long way toward relieving from depression.

2. Reduce Your Stress

When you face stress, your body start making a hormone called cortisol. For short, it’s a good thing as it keep you gear up to cope up with your life. But Over the long run, it causes many problems, depression as well. The more you reduce stress, the better you reduce your risk of depression.

3. Take Care of Sleep Hygiene

Good sleep hygiene is a key to improve the body function and by maintaining the quality and quantity of your sleep you can manage that easily. Turn off electronics (Specially Mobiles) at least an hour before you sleep. Read a book in dim light or engage relaxing activity. Apart from sleeping don’t use bed for working.

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4. Improve Your Eating Habits

Study shows improving nutrition can stop & cure mental illness. There are many essential nutrients that can heal depression. As zinc deficiency increases symptoms of depression, so consuming good nutrients food or Improved diet can reducing your symptoms. But before changing diet do consult a Physician.

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5. Learn How to Stop Negative Thoughts

depression leads you to negativity. Removing those negative thoughts can improve your mood. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) tells about the common patterns of negative thinking called cognitive distortions in order to eliminate depression.  You can use self-help books, apps, and online courses regarding how to change your unhealthy, negative thinking patterns.

6. Beat Procrastination

Fatigue and difficulty concentrating make you procrastination which leads you to guilt, worry, and stress. Try to set deadlines and make a timetable. Make short-term goals and Do important things first. Each successfully task you complete helps to get over you from habit of procrastination.

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7. Create a Wellness Toolbox

A wellness toolbox is a thing you can use to soothe yourself when you are feeling low. Nobody can tel you about the tool you use, so it’s important to carefully consider what things make you feel best and choose these stuff as your tools. Activities like, cuddling your pet, listening to music, taking a bath, or reading a book etc. can help.

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Depression is not a diseases but illness so try to cope this illness by making your mind, body and heart working in a good way with positive vibes which helps you to reduce the Depression. Follow these points on How to deal with Depression? And cure your illness. Don’t hesitate in consulting to a doctor.

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