How to Attract a Girl towards You? Secret Tricks to Spark Attention
How to

How to Attract a Girl towards You? Secret Tricks to Spark Attention

How to Attract a Girl

In today scenario who doesn’t want to have a girlfriend so that he can share everything with her, feel special having her, unexpected dates, movies, dinner and lots of special moments. So if you like a girl and want to impress or attract her but need some tips about How to attract a girl towards you then read these tips which are absolutely the secret tricks to spark attention and impress her. Basically there are many more things than looks good which attract a girl toward you guys so be out of this foolish point that if looks smart of good looking that is enough to impress a girl. So now without any more discussion just let’s go to the tips to attract a woman / tips to attract a girl towards you.

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Secret Tricks to Spark Attention

Be Active About Your Appearance And Hygiene: Guys as we say above that many more things are there than good looking although we will talk about it first. Because attraction starts from your appearance and we well know that first impression is the last impression. So you must be in good outfit and smell free. You should understand one thing that why should a girl like you even you don’t like yourself that means if you not brush up your teeth, looks out of dress what you wear, feel smelly, looks unhygienic etc. Here we are not talking about brands or luxuries things but the things to be suits you or on your body well. If you looks fit in your dress, used deodorants, washed hair, dress color which suits your complexion etc. these things definitely tells other good about you without saying any word by you.

Don’t Be Creep: Now on the second number from the Secret Tricks to Spark Attention is guys please don’t be a creeper. We all know girls have a very good sense to observe someone specially who want to impress her. So we strictly say that don’t behave like a hungry boy about anything he wants. Don’t feel her uncomfortable in the way you looks at her. Be genuine in front of her and don’t stare her or hover around her. If you behave like a cheap personality like focusing at her private parts and making some disrespectable comments then she definitely not is interested in you. You should look into her eye while talking to her this will show that you are paying attention to her only.

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Try To Be More Than an Obvious Person: Now another tip for how to attract a girl is that you must try to be more than an obvious person. Every girl wants that the person or guy with whom she will get connected, should be different than others. So to impress a girl you want you need to add some uniqueness in you. You should be more confident and have self-esteem more than others. Girls always wants that her guys must be confident and a step taker in every situation so need to prove you with full of confidence but must remember guys over confidence may turn up every condition so be careful.  Increase your knowledge in trending topics which girls like too.

How to Attract a Girl towards You?

Smile Or Approachable: Guys we have listened that “smile is a curve that sets everything”. So please don’t look like angry men, confused, upset or unhappy. So whenever you look at her your face should have a genuine smile curve. You can start a talk with her with smiling face but yes it also depends on the topic if it is serious that time then it would be foolishness to smile. But the girls like the boys who have a smiling nature. You should be approachable towards her. She must be feet easy to talk to you so give some space where she can feel easy and comfortable while to talk to you.

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Caring Person: “Caring nature” which girl doesn’t want a boy with caring nature. We can say that this is the first preference of any girl that her guy must be caring. So make feel that girl that you care for her. For example If you are in the office then help her in different ways like making presentations, at her job work, writing any email, can ask her to drop if she needs, ask her to come out in cosy situation if she stuck into etc. These things about caring nature towards her will make easy for her to attract toward you guys.

Be Kind And Sometimes Funny Too: Men with humanity and kind nature is got preference by girls. If you are harsh on everyone and don’t have humanity for others then she will not attract with you.  For example if you are shouting or call the waiter with unusual sound / name then this may be the negative point for you guys.  Be kind for other so that helps others in there need without expecting something in return. Yes, you should also be a funny nature sometimes. If you are in a celebration situation or something is going like this then don’t be a chair putted in the corner. Be funny there and make others happy with your talks and activity so that others will likes and praise you this will help the girl to attract towards you easily.

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Some more tips are here about how to attract a girl towards you in just few seconds. You should also keep in mind while approaching any girl or your crush. These will help you out in impress any girl…

  • Don’t compare yourself with others
  • Try to be a unique personality
  • Learn cooking
  • Add some sportsmen quality in you
  • Decision taker
  • Emotional side of you
  • Make some USP of you
  • You have the ability to say right to the right thing and same for bad thing
  • Surprising
  • Be out of pressure while talking your crush
  • Increase your sense of humour
  • Don’t be in hurry to ask for date or asking her number
  • Tease her in a good way without hurt her

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So guys these are some valuable tips which help you that how to attract a girl towards you. These are the Secret Tricks to Spark Attention. By following these tricks definitely you make impress to your crush or the women you want to attract. We want to say something about all that matter that girls are so conscious and sensitive and are respectable so please don’t do something with her so that she gets hurt or sounds or seems disrespectable towards her so be kind and genuine to make attract a girl towards you. If you have something to say about this article then write us in comment section we will be pleased to answer you guys.

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