05 DIY Homemade Overnight Masks for a Glowing Skin
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05 DIY Homemade Overnight Masks for a Glowing Skin

Homemade Overnight Masks

Because of Corona surely our habits have gone wrong. Late night binge watch of movies and web series, chatting, and insomniac nights (day time sleep for sure) or just scrolling through social media while just lying on bed. These habits surely increase the health issues and hamper our beauty as well. Because of these activities who suffer the most is our eyes and face glow. So we have to keep our face beauty in tight and keep the glow as always and for that we have brought you 05 DIY Homemade Overnight Masks for a Glowing Skin.

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05 DIY Homemade Overnight Masks for a Glowing Skin           

Here are some effective overnight masks to try, with simple ingredients you’ll easily find at home:  

1. Turmeric and milk mask

Everyone knows that Turmeric has a very skin and health benefits. So making a Turmeric mask will surely get back the lost glow on your face. Just add milk with turmeric and it will be enough to sooth your skin. Just mix 2 tsp milk and 1 tsp turmeric and apply it on your face for overnight.

2. Green tea mask

Green tea has many benefits. It is very affecting in curing acne as well as it soothes the skin glow and balance the oil levels. Just bring Brewed Green Tea and cool it and apply it on your face.

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3. Tomato mask 

Tomatoes have natural properties in removing the body tan. They also reduce the open pores in skin and removing blackheads. Just mix 3-4 tsp Tomato Juice with 2 tsp raw milk and apply it on your face.

4. Lemon honey mask 

Lemon is a very good source of Vitamin C which also helps in boosting immunity. It reduces the flaws from the skin and getting a nice natural glow back. Add 2 tsp lemon juice with 1 tsp honey and make a fine paste and apply it on your face.

5. Coconut oil mask 

Coconut oil has deep-cleanse properties for your skin. Tea Tree is also an essential oil for soothing the skin and adding it with coconut oil makes it even more effective. Tea tree oil is very good in fight acne and pimples and has antibacterial properties. Mix 1 tsp coconut oil with few drops of tea tree oil and applies it on face.

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How to apply on face: Dip a cotton ball or cotton puff in the mask and apply it on face and neck. Make sure the skin absorb the mask paste before you go off to sleep.


  • These masks should have a very thin consistency to apply on face.
  • Firstly do a patch test before applying the mask on face.
  • If feels any irritation, instantly wash off the mask with cold water. And apply moisturizer

Here we have given 05 DIY Homemade Overnight Masks for a Glowing Skin to get in the morning and to maintain the beauty of the face.

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