Outfits for Job Interview

Impressive Dressing/Outfits for Job Interview, Fashionable Men/Women Formal Attire

Impressive Dressing/ Outfits for Job Interview

Interviews for a job is the most crucial and last part of the recruitment process. It gives an idea about your personality to the interviewer. So think when you truly want to be a part of a certain company, then the need of the hour is that you wish to dress well or say your outfit should be as such that your personality is reflected correctly. We are here providing you the Impressive Dressing/Outfits for Job Interview; the attire should be formal as well as fashionable in same senses. Here is Fashionable Men/Women Formal Attire check now.

Outfits for job interview are different from what you wear on a regular office day, since you need to look more professional and elegant. For men, it is generally the suit which should be dark in color and all the accessories should be perfectly color coordinated because you do not want to look like a clown wearing a “neon green tie” with a grey suit and “yellow socks”. Hence, bright and bold colors are a big NO; instead go for some subtle colors like black, grey etc.

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Outfits for Job Interview for Males

Formal Male Outfits for Job Interview

Appropriate formal dressings for males during the Job interview are:

Top wear:

  • Shirts: A light or solid coloured long-sleeved shirt or plain shirt or micro checks.
  • Suits and blazers: a formal suit or a blazer with light or solid coloured shirt. For suits and blazers, go with black, navy blue, dark grey, dark brown, etc colours.

Bottom wear:

  • Trouser: A dark-coloured trouser in black, grey, or blue color. Choose a plain trouser than printed one.


  • Socks: Plain cotton socks that match with trousers colour.
  • Shoes: A pair of formal shoes of black or tan colour.


  • Tie: Select a tie of a color & pattern that complements your shirt!
  • Belt: A solid textured belt of colors like black, brown, or dark blue will surely work.
  • Watch: A classic watch
  • Bag: Carry a basic brown/black small laptop bag or briefcase.

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Fashionable Female Formal Attire for Job Interview

For women, if you are going for ethnic attire, then go for colors like peach, off white paired with toe covering sandals and a clean hairdo. Your makeup should be neutral i.e. no bold color in lipstick, blushes etc. because it will give away the elegance you wanted to highlight.

If you are opting for western attire, then the most preferable choice will be suits, skirt which should be of neutral or dark shades paired with low heeled shoes, and a subtle makeup with trimmed nails. The jewelry choice in both cases i.e. ethnic/ western should be minimal.

Formal interview dress code for females

Traditional wear:

  • Traditional Indian suit: A well-fitted suit is fine so avoid tight-fitted suit with glitter, lace, or animal print.
  • Saree: A simple cotton saree in solid or pastel colors.

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Western wear:

  • Pantsuit: A dark or pastel coloured pantsuit with light shirt.
  • Shirt/Top: Full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirt or top with a knee-length pencil skirt. Choose light and pastel shades for shirt/top with minimal print.
  • Formal dress: A straight style well-fitted, knee-length outfit.


  • Shoes: Formal women shoes with fairly low-heel of colors like black, tan, beige, blue, dusky pink, etc.
  • Pumps: Choose a comfortable heel or go for flats.


  • Handbag: Select handbags of neutral shades or basics colours like black, tan, and blue.

Hair and makeup:

  • Minimal make-up: A hint of blush, mascara, and natural-colored lip gloss are enough you may add a bit of kohl and eyeliner.
  • Nail paint: Choose neutral colors nail paint.
  • Hairstyle: A low or high ponytail looks good with suits and skirts or a well-combed straight hair look or a low and polished bun considered nice.

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Points valid for both men/ women are:-

  • The outfit should be cleaned and pressed
  • Every accessory should be in coordination with the outfit
  • Bold and bright colors are not the correct choice
  • Dark and neutral colors are preferable
  • The outfit fitting should be correct
Men/Women Formal Attire For Job Interview

Apart from what you are wearing the basic thing which will attract the attention of the interviewer is your body language and how you carry your outfit. Think it this way, suppose you are an interviewer and there are two candidates out there waiting for their turn. Both of them are dressed according to the instructions provided but one of them is walking like he just woke up from sleep and other has a walk of a model. Who would you prefer? If you answer that question sincerely then you would know that the impression of the person with a lazy walk was a negative point for the interviewer. He will make an assumption that this candidate is lazy and hence maybe not appropriate for the job even after being qualified for it.

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Lastly, I just want to conclude be saying that a candidate for a job interview should dress in a subtle and professional way and he/she should carry the outfit with outermost self-confidence and elegance. You should know that you are qualified for the job and now your only work is to win over the mind of the interviewer and get the job you waited for so long. For more fashionable updates stay connected with newzbullet.com

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