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This Diwali Do These Small Things with Love & Make Other’s Diwali Happy

Do These Small Things with Others on Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights & happiness. It is a celebration full of happiness, joy, lights & sweets. In Diwali, we burn firecrackers, do a lot of shopping & distribute sweets. Diwali is not only the celebration of enjoy & partying with our friends & family but also for spread the joy & warmth to make some contribution in society based on our capabilities. We should help needy people by which they can enjoy the festival of Diwali. So, This Diwali Do These Small Things with Love & Make Other’s Diwali Happy

Diwali is best time to help those people who are in urgent need of support & care. We can help them by providing food, clothing for those families who are not able to celebrate the joyous Diwali as us.

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This Diwali we can help needy & poor people in different ways. We should use hand-made clay lamp in Diwali rather than electronic Chinese lights. We should help the potters by buying clay lamp from him which helps his families to celebrate the festival of Light.

Make Other’s Diwali Happy

We should also help poor children who are suffering from life threatening disease & admitted in hospitals. They can’t go for their home from days, months & years. They cannot go to home to celebrate Diwali for their serious health conditions. So, we should enjoy & celebrate Diwali for these children. We should bring sweets, clothes, crackers for poor kids who are suffering from serious health disease.

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We should also help Old age home people in the festival of Diwali. We should go to retirement home & celebrate Diwali with elderly people who are living in old age home. We should bring clothes, sweets & fruits for them according to their economic capacity by which that their Diwali can be happy & joyful.

We should go to Orphanage to celebrate the festival of Diwali. The children who has no one left in his life. We celebrate & enjoy Diwali with these orphan children and we can see the smile and happiness on their faces.

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We also help poor & handicapped people rather than spend money to buy crackers on this Diwali.  We should bring sweets, new clothes to the poor handicapped children & celebrate the Diwali festival with them.

So, in this Diwali, we can do small things to make other Diwali happy. We can buy handmade lamp, candles from poor people to increase their income and will celebrate Diwali with needy families. We can also help children who in hospital & suffering from life threatening health diseases. We can also help old age homes & orphan kids by bringing clothes, sweets & fruits to celebrate on this Diwali. So, we should do these small things that chance to other needy people happy on this Diwali.

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Newzbullet ask the readers to show the goodwill gesture and celebrate Diwali with the Needy ones. To get more information about news, sports, entertainment go to the newzbullet.com

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