Difference between CAB & NRC | Their Link with Each Other, All you need to Know
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Difference between CAB & NRC | Their Link with Each Other, All you need to Know

Difference between CAB & NRC

There is protest against CAB across the country and when people were asked what is CAB they will mislead themselves with NRC as well. In Many interviews of national broadcasting we have seen that the journalist was asking questions in regard of protest So, the protesters seems confused with NRC and CAB and their links with each other. So, all you need to Know about difference between NRC and CAB which we have brought in this article. Read Now!

Parliament was passed Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) on 11 December 2019 and it has moved to great controversy across the country.  As the bill deals with accelerating the procedure of granting citizenship to Sikhs, Jains, Parsis, Buddhists and Christians refugees, and there is fear that this can affect  NRC which was applied in Assam in 2018. All talks about Citizenship Amendment Bill have given rise to confusion regarding difference between National Register of Citizens (NRC) and CAB.

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What is the Citizenship Amendment Bill, 2019?

Recently, Citizenship Amendment Bill was passed and the bill amends Citizenship Act 1955 to efficiently grant citizenship to non-Muslim immigrants from 3 countries i.e. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan for Indian Citizenship. Along with this, they will give Indian Citizenship to Non-Muslim refugees after residing in India for 6 years in place of 11 years. Those non-Muslim refugees who have entered on or before 31 December 2014 will only eligible to get Indian Citizenship.

What Is National Register of Citizens (NRC)?

Union Government of India has maintained NRC, a register that efficiently list out Indian Citizens in Assam and clear out ‘infiltrators’.  Firstly, the register was made for Assam but on 20 November, home minister Amit Shah said that it will be extended to entire nation.

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Difference between NRC and CAB

NRC is a list of all those people who settled in Assam up to the midnight of 24-03-1971, the first draft was published in 2018. For being eligible to be a Indian Citizens, Assam People need to prove that either they or their Ancestors were in India on or before 24 March 1971, the eve of Bangladesh war. While Citizenship Amendment Bill based on religion and National Register of Citizens (NRC) has nothing to do with religion. There is doubt that Citizenship Amendment Bill could cancel out Assam Accord, in 1985 which had set the cut-off date for exile of illegal refugees. i.e. 24 March 1971. CAB is not Assam Centric, it is applicable in the whole nation.

National Register of Citizens aims at banishment of Illegal refugees unrelatedly of their religions. Population of Northeast believes that Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB) is probably give benefit to Non- Muslims refugees.  Also, NRC aims is to only identify “Illegal Immigrants” mainly from Bangladesh, who entered In India and settled here after 25 March 2971 and CAB is basically made for granting citizenship to certain communities who lived in India on or before 31 December 2014. This simply means that Cut-off dates of birth CAB and NRC is not the same, it’s different.

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Link between CAB and NRC

After Updated final List of NRC in Assam on 31 August 2019, it exclude over 19 lakh applicants which including Hindus also. Now, CAB will make sure that they are not harmed. In April rally in Bengal, Shah said that, “After passing Bill, we will bring the Citizenship Amendment Bill, so that all immigrants get citizenship, and after that we would brought National Register of Citizens to throw out each and every infiltrator.”

Home Minister Amit Shah, has appealed that Citizenship Amendment Bill will help those people excluded in Assam through National Register of Citizens. General Feelings of people living in Assam with respect to CAB is that it will overthrow the NRC purpose.

Hope, this article helps those people who are in confusion between both terms i.e. CAB & NRC. Basically, in this article we have shown that they both terms are differ from each other.  For more updates related to national/international news, keep visiting newzbullet.com.

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