To Decriminalize Cannabis a Plea is filed in Delhi High Court
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To Decriminalize Cannabis a Plea is filed in Delhi High Court!

To Decriminalize Cannabis a Plea is filed in Delhi High Court

Cannabis has been part of Indian society dating back to roughly 2000 BC and has been mentioned in earliest Vedas and ayurvedic samhitas but it remains illegal for both recreational and medical use today. Over the last decade, countries all over the world have legalized cannabis partially or in restricted manner. These countries include Canada, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, New Zealand and others. So, in India as well a Plea is filed in Delhi High Court to Decriminalize Cannabis

A petition has been filed in Delhi High Court by an NGO named “Great Legalisation Movement India Trust” challenging the provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 and Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Rules, 1985, prohibiting and criminalizing Cannabis.

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A number of firms have been listed on stock markets across USA and Canada. As per the Grand View Research “Business of Cannabis is expected to have market capitalization of $145 billion around”. Legalization has led to increase in revenue and decline of criminal activities across the world.

Through advocates Ashutosh Nagar and Avinash K Sharma, Petition is filed and in petition organization has clearly said that it is not looking for de-regulate drug use. Treatment of cannabis at par with lethal chemicals and harmful is unscientific, unreasonable and arbitrary.

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DHC to Decriminalize Cannabis

Why Should India Decriminalize Cannabis?

Here’s a look at why India should decriminalize cannabis.

  1. Legalizing Cannabis will curb the illegal production and trade, and will make the black market formal.
  2. It will help curb the agrarian distress and will develop a cash crop, paving way to a multi-billion dollar industry.
  3. At present there are unofficial geographical sites in India, famous for its Cannabis. The most famous of these sites are Manali, Manikaran, Idukki and Malana. Legalising will help provide these places with GI (Geographical Indicator) Tags and develop a brand, giving a India an edge over competitors in the industry.
  4. It will help scientists to develop cannabis based medicine and treatments. Cannabis has been proven to be helpful in curing psychosis, epilepsy and other diseases.
  5. It will reduce the stress from judiciary and police, saving a significant amount of money spent on controlling illegal trafficking.
  6. Legalizing will increase the tax revenue, which can be helped to develop infrastructures and other institutions.
  7. Experts also suggest that it will help in dealing with the opioid crisis.

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To Decriminalize Cannabis use and increase awareness about their medicinal, economic, ecological and industrial and many other benefits, petitioner claims to be registered trust which is at the forefront of movement.

Defendants also show a judgment of BHC (Bombay High Court) where similar PIL was dismissed by saying that court is not that much expert in this matter and that case should be taken to the parliament.

India’s climatic conditions and traditional knowledge in growing and use of Cannabis, makes it suitable to enter the growing industry of Cannabis. Legalizing will ensure that India plays an important role in the growth and establish itself as a leader of Cannabis based market

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