Coronavirus Preventive Measures
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Coronavirus: Myth to Ignore, Facts to Know | Do’s & Don’ts, Preventive Measures

Coronavirus Preventive Measures

Presently, Coronavirus (Covid-19) has spread Panic all over the world. In the world, Virus has affected more than 93000 people and more than 3000 people died. World Health organization (WHO) has declared this outbreak as an International medical emergency as its highly infectious. There are many facts to know about Coronavirus which will help peoples. So, in this article, here are some Do’s & Don’ts which you can do to prevent yourself from coronavirus. Take all Coronavirus preventive measures and be careful. In this article, we also bust some myths about coronavirus which you need to ignore.

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Ignore 11 Myths Regarding Coronavirus

Chances of Coronavirus become global disease. Only thing spread faster than virus itself and though is the myth about it. So, here we giving some myths which you need to drop fact regarding this irritating pathogen.



Only aged people can affect by virusPeople of all ages can be affected with this virus but aged people appear to be more vulnerable.
Wear mask can prevent contracting COVID-19Healthy people must wear mask if they take care of an infected person
Virus can even contracted through mail from chinaVirus does not stay alive on objects such as packages long enough to contract
High Temperature can kill coronavirusHealth experts Claim that there is no way to know that heat kill the virus
Vaccines against pneumonia can protect you against virusVaccines against pneumonia do not provide protection against virus
Spray alcohol or chlorine all over the body can kill the COVID-19Spray alcohol or chlorine all over the body cannot kill the COVID-19
Antibiotics can help to treat new CoronavirusNo Antibiotic works against viruses, they will used in case of bacterial Co-infection
Everyone who get coronavirus will dieDeath rate for COVID-19 is around 2% and it’s expected to decrease
Rinsing your nose with saline can help to prevent from infectionNo evidence that Rinsing your nose with saline can protected people from virus
Pets can also spread COVID-19No current evidence that pets such as dogs or cats can infect with new coronavirus
Sipping water, eat garlic can prevent from coronavirusNo proof that this will protect people from coronavirus

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Coronavirus Do’s & Don’ts: Things To Know

1) Do Wash Your Hands As Early As Possible:

It is suggested to wash hands with minimum for 20 seconds carefully with water and soap. If both things are not available then it is suggested to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. These 2 things kill Coronavirus which is present in your hands.

2) Don’t Spread Rumors:

People get panic while listening about Rumors. If you don’t know regarding confirmed case regarding virus then keep calm and don’t spread rumors.

3) Don’t Touch Your Eyes, Nose And Mouth Without Wash Your Hands?

Viruses in hands can get transfer to your face if you touch it without washing them.

4) Do cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or a tissue while coughing or sneezing.  

This is quite basic. If you sneeze openly, anyone around you can easily catch the virus.

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5) Make Distance With People With Cold And Flu:

Symptoms of virus are same as common flu. It’s preventive for keeping one arm distance from person who has any such symptoms.

6) Don’t Share Towels, Utensils, Or Any Hygiene Article Or Even Cigarette With Anyone:

Saliva can have viruses which can easily transfer to person share any of Towel, Utensils, Or Any Hygiene Article with anyone.

7) Wear Specialized N95 Mask:

Disposable mask is ineffective as they don’t have filters for protecting from harmful viruses.

8) Don’t Travel To Crowded Places As Much As You Can.

Avoid, if you have any plan to go to any music festival or mean to explore new city. Lesser the people, the better

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9) Do keep your home stacked.  

If in case, you get affected with virus or have flu and require to quarantined, make sure for having food supplies in handy at home.

10) Do See A Specialist ASAP If You Feel Any Of The Symptoms Of The Virus. 

If you feel any symptom of virus, must go to specialist as soon as possible. Prevention is always better than cure

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Coronavirus Test Lab

After 2 Indians have tested positive for COVID-19 in Delhi and Telangana in India, total number of cases has risen to 28.  Government says that both patients are stable and they closely monitored. Few weeks ago, 1st coronavirus case reported in Kerala. With COVID-19, over 3000 people died and more than 90,000 cases across 70 countries.  Medical authorities in the world, try their best to control the situation.  So, follow the things do and don’t give above.

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Virus cause pneumonia so older people and people who are weakened immune system require to be more careful as they are at higher risk of being affect.  Please keep in this mind; many people who lost their lives were already in poor health.  Hope the given precautions will help you all, so be aware! Apart from knowing about these facts, please remember to speak to a medical professional at early as possible if you think you have symptoms of COVID-19 Virus. Be Safe and Don’t Get panic!

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