09 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas | Awesome Ways to Celebrate B’Day

09 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas | Awesome Ways to Celebrate B’Day

Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas

We always eager to celebrate birthday of our dear ones in a unique way, so that we can surprise him/her with awesome birthday celebration ideas. So if there is also a circled birthday date in your calendar then we have 9 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas you can work on. We definitely sure that these will be the Awesome Ways to Celebrate birthday and this time birthday girl or birthday boy is going to be speechless. So let’s have a look on Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas.

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Awesome Ways to Celebrate B’Day

1. Personalized Newspaper: Who don’t want to be on newspaper front page? How it will be if the birthday girl or boy see his picture on front page on this birthday morning. There are some sites and companies who offer this facility you just need to give them a high resolution picture and the birthday wishes for your dear ones. This personalized newspaper is one the top most Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas.

2. Arrange a Music Concert: Is the birthday girl or boy a music lover? Then how it will be if you arrange a surprise music concert? Being a music lover this idea of birthday celebration is going to be unforgettable for him / her. Music concert will make this eve an energetic and full of fun with friends.

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3. Book a Restaurant: Another one from Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas is to “book a restaurant”. For this you need to deal with restaurants who allow you to arrange a personal party with music and dance floor. Ask them to decorate the place in a birthday party theme and arrange music and dance floor area. Set the food menu which the birthday girl or boys like and of course a delicious flavored birthday cake.

4. Knock Sharp @12 In the Night: How it will be … if you surprisingly knock the door sharp at 12 of the birthday girl or boy? Wow…. He or she never had an idea of this. So just call your close friends and tell them to be ready for this. Arrange a cake, favorite food, and some gifts and knock the birthday girl or boy door at 12 night. Surprise him or her with this Unique Birthday Celebration Idea.

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5. Arrange a Long Drive: Plan a long drive with birthday boy or girl and other close friend. Spot some beautiful places or stalls like chai stall and chaat stall and guys we damn sure this birthday will be unforgettable for whole life. A long drive with close friends is always an energetic, freshness and stress free.

Birthday Celebration Ideas

6. Bring Birthday Girl or Boy for a Movie: Visit the birthday girl or boy and bring for movie. Of course he or she should no know about this plan. For this Unique Birthday Celebration Idea you just need to call your some friends and decide a blockbuster movie and book the tickets. After movie you may have enjoy pizza or food which you all guys like. You may also go for shopping then.

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7. Visit the Orphanage Home: An Awesome Ways to Celebrate B’Day… visit orphanage home, bring some food and some needed items as gifts for them. Guys to celebrate this special day with some special people will give you amazing feeling and you will get their blessing and this is such a beautiful way to celebrate birthday.

8. Arrange a Langar / Bhandara in Mandir / Gurudwara: Another Way to Celebrate B’Day is to arrange a Langar or bhandara in Mandir or Gurudwara. This is such an awesome idea and you will get huge blessing of people.

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9. Celebrate with Family: For this unique birthday celebration idea you just need to ask the birthday boy or girl’s parents to arrange this birthday bash at home without any idea to birthday boy or girl. You have to keep away the birthday boy or girl from away so that you can do all the party arrangement at home. You can decorate the room of him / her with some photos, balloons, lights etc. Arrange cake, food and snacks, Party poppers and call all the favorites person of him/ her.

So guys these are the 09 Unique Birthday Celebration Ideas which are the Awesome Ways to Celebrate B’Day of your dear one. Pick anyone from the birthday celebration ideas and make a memorable b’day for lifetime.

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