Benefits of Yoga

08 Unknown Health Benefits of Yoga | Physical, Mental Fitness

Unknown Health Benefits of Yoga

We will tell you Unknown Health Benefits of Yoga… so if you are lazy to start yoga practice then just read this article and we sure you will start yoga from next day. We all know yoga provides us physical as well mental fitness and both are necessary for fit body. Besides these two many more healthy benefits are there which can get only by doing yoga. Although youngster preferred gym but we would like to tell you just went to the gym and lifted weights, you might build strength at the expense of flexibility. So let’s know 08 Unknown Health Benefits of Yoga including physical and mental fitness.

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Yoga Benefits on Health

1. Blood Flow

Yoga increases the blood flow in body. Inverted poses of yoga like, Handstand, and Shoulder stand, reassure venous blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart. One of the very important health benefits of Yoga is that it boosts levels of hemoglobin in body and also increases red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues in our body.

2. Ups your heart rate

Regular practice of yoga decreases depression level in body so that it lowers heart attack risk. Ashtanga classes boost your heart rate into the aerobic range while not all classes are the aerobic range. According to science it is found that during yoga practice maximum uptakes of oxygen in performed in body which improves heart rate in out body.

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3. Drops your blood pressure

It is medically proved that by yoga definitely one can maintain their blood pressure. Like savasana pose simply on couch results in drop in systolic blood pressure and drop in diastolic blood pressure. It positively effects on hypertension.

4. Makes you happier

Mental fitness is directly depends on How happy we are. Tension, stress, depression makes a person unhappy and negatively impacts on mental fitness of body. Many poses of yoga circulates the necessary amount of blood flow, performed well amount of oxygen so that body functioning goes well and also immune system become better and body feels fresh and energetic.

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Physical, Mental Fitness by Yoga

5. Lowers blood sugar

Yoga helps in lower the blood sugar. During yoga practices it lower the LDL – Bad cholesterol and boosts HDL – Good Cholesterol in body. It lowers the cortisol and adrenal levels and encouraging weight loss. It also works to improving sensitivity to the effects of insulin.

6. Helps you sleep deeper

Only sleeping in not enough… in the daily hustle and bustle life it is more important to sleep deeper and relaxing way. Many asana of yoga like Savasana, Pranayama and meditation improves the nervous system and results is you feel relax, calm and stress free which helps in deep and better sleep.

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7. Body Strength

 Of course our body strength is becoming weak day by day as we have daily life style. Yoga helps us to make our muscles and bones strong. As yoga have different types of asana or poses which improves our body parts functioning at their full level and daily practices make these more flexible and strong than a non-yoga practice.

8. Helps keep you drug free

Need a natural way to become drug free? Then only yoga can work for you in perfect way. People are becoming habitual of drugs and consume more than limits which impacts of internal body parts. If you want to free the space of you drawers or cabinet from medicines then it’s the time to start yoga. Yoga helps in lower the doses of drugs or medicines and sometimes you can get rid of them completely.

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So guys these are 08 Unknown Health Benefits of Yoga which helps us in Physical as well as Mental Fitness. We would like to suggest you to manage at least 30 minutes daily for yoga and you definitely get its positive result in your body.

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