5 Great Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter | Why Sun Exposure is Essential?

5 Great Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter | Why Sun Exposure is Essential?

Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter

Many people want to know why Sun Exposure is Essential for us So In this article, we are going to discuss 5 Great Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter. Sunbathing means the act of lying in the sun. On Earth, We can’t image Life without sun as natural sunlight is very important for our good health and well-being. Sunlight helps in regulating the natural rhythms of our body and not get enough of it can affect our health in many ways. You may be heard that excess sunlight exposure can harm our skin but exposure to sun warm rays at specific time and inconsistent manner is beneficial.

Sunbathing heals many skin diseases and also helps to uplift mood. Sun exposure is also known as sunbath therapy and from ancient times, it has been in use due to disease-fighting properties. Check out 5 Great Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter by going through this article.

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5 Great Benefits of Sunbathing in Winter

Vitamin D:

Sun exposure aids the body to make vitamin D naturally. Vitamin is very important but many people do not get enough of it. Through sunshine, we get 90% vitamin D and it helps in protecting us against disease and slow the aging procedure. Each day, we must take 10-15 minutes sunbath which is less than the time it takes you to burn. It is difficult to get Vitamin D from food alone so Sunbathing is very essential for us.

Reduced Depression:

After spending some time in the Sun, Fewer symptoms of depression may be decreased. Sunlight helps the brain to release hormone serotonin, which can improve our mood and also increases the feeling of calmness. Even without the problem of depression, spend time in the sun will likely improve your mood.

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Improve Sleep:

Every day, go out for 15 minutes mostly prefer in the morning. Sunlight helps to shut off the body’s melatonin production. Sunbathing aids to regulate circadian rhythm and the human body will start to get consistently sleepy when the sun goes down.

Bones Get Stronger and Boost Immune System:

  • Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium which leads to stronger bones and may aid in preventing osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • The immune system boost up by taking sunbathing regularly. Vitamin D helps the body to fight from diseases which includes heart disease, flu, muscle sclerosis, and autoimmune diseases and cancer.

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Lower Blood Pressure:

Are you suffering from high blood pressure exposure to UV rays can help. After exposure to rays for 20 minutes sessions, the blood pressure level decreases significantly for 1 hour.

Science Behind Sunbathing

Sunbathing is a natural way to heal different types of health problems. In the body, Sunshine helps to regulate melatonin production which is very significant for maintaining circadian rhythms. The pineal gland of our brain release Melatonin, an important hormone, and this hormone regulate the sleep-wake cycle. Through the intensity of sunlight, Melatonin production is affected. During day time Melatonin falls and it increases at night. A decrease in sunlight exposure may develop physical and psychological disorders. Sun exposure doesn’t mean burn your skin it just likes to expose yourself to sun rays in a healthy way.

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Method of Sunbathing:

While using sunbath therapy, the first thing you need to remember you must not take sunbathing in very strong sunlight. Additionally, when you start to sweat, you must stop and move away from sunlight. For taking sunbathing, first, you need to cover the head with a wet towel. You must wear light cotton clothes to let the skin absorb sunlight in a healthier way. Either, lie down or sit anywhere in the sun or relax for some time. Once you start to sweat, move away from the sun and bathe in cold water. ‘

Time Duration of Sunbathing:

In summer, the time duration must be 10-15 Minutes and in winter, the time limit of sunbathing is 20-30 minutes. One thing you should avoid i.e. take sunbath in a windy place. The best time to take sunbath is before 08:00 AM and after 05:00 PM because at that time sun rays are not very strong.

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Things should be kept in Mind during Sunbathing:

  • During sunbath, Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Cover head with a wet towel
  • After taking sunbathing, take a bath with water
  • After taking sunbathing, don’t eat anything instantly
  • Don’t sit in the sun for more than 1 hour
  • Before taking sunbath, don’t eat anything for 2 hours
  • People who suffer from heart diseases or allergic to light, must not take sunbathing.

So, this is all about Why Sun Exposure is Essential and what are 5 great benefits of sunbathing in winter.  Sun exposure can improve our mood, give better sleep and also help in Vitamin D production which helps to strengthen our bones and help to fight in a certain disease. Still, if you are going to take do sun exposure for a long period of time, you must sure you protect your skin for avoiding sunburn and skin cancer disease.

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