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Komal Kumar Amity Girl’s Friends Injured 2 Students over Parking Disputes

Komal Kumar Amity Girl

#JusticeforHarsh and #JusticeforMadhav have been trending on Twitter since Tuesday morning. The two students of Amity University were brutally thrashed by a group of students over a minor parking dispute outside the campus on August 28. They are thrashed by a group of 15-20 students & admitted in the ICU. Both of students are pursuing BA Political science at the Amity University Noida. The Videos & photos of Komal Kumar Amity Girl started trending on social media on Tuesday evening. Komal Kumar’s Friends has alleged the two injured students Harsh & Madhav molested two girls that led to the incident.

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Amity University Fight

What happened on that day?

According to the police sources, one of the victims Harsh Yadav said that while he was parking his car outside the university campus, the incident was happened. The complainer Harsh said that when he was in his i20 car & was looking to park it while a girl (Komal Kumar) in her Ford Endeavour came that way. Komal parked her SUV in the middle of the road. When I asked her to move, she started arguing with me. I parked my vehicle inside & then asked her again to move her car and not park it in the middle of the road. But, she started abusing and threatening me after whom the argument increased”.

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After some time Harsh & his friend Madhav went to attend the classes. An hour later, the two girls allegedly came back to the university and entered the classroom of Harsh and Madhav along with 25 men & brutally thrashed.

Komal Kumar Amity University Parking Dispute

The group started beating up Harsh Jadhav & Madhav Chaudhary inside the classroom by which several students teachers were left injured. The Group of men also broke the classroom furniture & threw them claimed by eye witnesses. The Eyewitness Diwakar Tyagi also claimed that when they went to the police station to file a complaint, they come to know that Komal Kumar Amity University girl had already filed an FIR against them for molestation.

On the other hand, this girl Komal Kumar & her friends have alleged that were harassed & molested by the two boys. Police said they are looking into both the cases that have been lodged and they will also inspect CCTV footage of the campus to know what exactly happened.

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According to the medical report, Madhav and Harsh are still in critical condition in the hospital. Madhav is in the ICU due to internal bleeding & harsh has seven stiches on head. This kicked up a social media storm with netizens demanding justice & trending #JusticeforHarsh and #JusticeforMadhav. Meanwhile several photos & videos are doing spread widely on social media.

So, we don’t know that what actual truth is, but there are many cases where we have seen girls accusing men with fake allegation of molestation. So, police should investigate this case properly & accused to be punished.

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