Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020 Best Free Mobile Apps List Check
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Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020 Best Free Mobile Apps List Check

Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020

Gets your blood pumping with action games for Android! Are you looking for Action Games for your android phones then check out the list of Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020 by going through this article. An action game is a video game and is among the most popular on any platform. Through Action games, you can test your wits and reflexes. In this article, we have provided Best Free Mobile Apps for Android smartphones through which you can get a thrilling experience.

There are various Mobile Apps Action Games for Android 2020 which include PUBG, Fortnite, Into the dead, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival, Shadowgun, Unkilled and many more. So, people who want to know about Best Free Mobile Apps Action Games for Android Phone can go through below given article.

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Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020

1) PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds):

People, if you play mobile games then probably played this game or heard about it from your friends and family. PUBG is an online multiplayer battle royale game and this game has developed and published by PUBG Corporation which is a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean video game company. Battlegrounds are player versus player shooter game and in this 100 players fight in a battle royale. Players choose for entering match duo, solo, with a small team of 4 people and last person or team alive wins the match and Gets “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”

2) Fortnite:

Epic Games developed Fortnite, an online video game and this action game released in 2017. This game is available in 3 distinct game mode versions that are:

  • Fortnite: Save the World: A helpful shooter-survival game for up to 4 players for fighting off zombie-such as creatures & defend objects with defenses they can build.
  • Fortnite Battle Royale: Free-to-play, Battle royale game, in which up to 100 players fight to be the last person stands.
  • Fortnite Creative: Players have complete freedom for creating worlds and battle arenas.

For epic games, the first 2 modes have been successful. Fortnite Battle Royale gets success and more than 125 million players in less than 1 year and this game earns hundreds of millions of dollars monthly.

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3) Into the Dead:

Pikpok developed “Into the Dead”, a zombie-themed action video game. This action game is for Android, Windows Phone 8 and iOS.

Players must run through a landscape full of zombies and move left or right to out them. Before dying, the Player has no option but to move onward and get as much as possible. Weapons can pick up from supply crates as the player runs past.

4) Modern Combat 5: Blackout:

Modern Combat 5 also known as Modern Combat 5: Blackout, a first-person shooter Video game. Modern Combat 5 published by Gameloft and developed by Gameloft Bucharest. This game is the 5th Installment of Modern Combat Series and the result of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. In this game, the player can shoot sprint, throw grenades, aim, reload their weapons, crouch, leap over hindrances, change/pick up weapons, etc. A new feature in Modern Combat 5 is the capability for choosing soldier classes and each of them has its own different weapons and perks. Modern Combat 5: Blackout, a First Modern Combat game in the series for using DRM and need a constant internet connection to play.

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5) Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival:

Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival is an action game, published by PikPok. This action game is for Android and iOS. The app version of Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival 1.28.0 and the size of the app is 53M. From Google play, you can easily download Into the Dead 2: Zombie Survival an action game.

6) Shadowgun:

Shadowgun is a 3rd person shooter published and developed by Madfinger Games. This action game is for Blackberry playbook, iOS, & Android. Shadowgun was followed by sequels Shadowgun: DeadZone and Shadowgun Legends. Players use virtual touchscreen controls and the Major module of gameplay is a cover system that allows players for using a cover when essential with Slade hiding after walls. Each level features unseen shadowgun logos which, when found. In Shadowpedia, unlock pages give details on enemies, weapons, characters, and location

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7) Dead Trigger 2:

Dead Trigger 2 is 1st person survival horror video game and this game is zombie-themed. Dead Trigger 2 developed and published by Madfinger Games. On 23rd October 2013, this game was released for iOS and Android devices and on 20 Feb 2014 for Facebook. Dead Trigger 2 is a horror game for a single player zombie-themed shooter. Game Features a progression system, unlock and upgradable weapons, various environments, quick play mission types. From critics, this horror game got positive reviews and Metacritic, a Review aggregator provides 77 scores out of 100 based on 12 critics.

8) Unkilled:

Madfinger Games developed and published Unkilled, zombie-themed 1st Person shooter video game. On 3rd Sept 2015, this game released for iOS and Android devices. Unkilled game considered to be the successor to Dead Trigger 2. After releasing, Unkilled game has been downloaded by 3 million times in 10 days and grossed 1.1 Million US dollars. The player task in this game is to complete more than 300 missions. In some of the missions, the player has to save someone and in other missions, the player has to end and seek. Before start, any mission, the player needs to choose his gear. When the player completed every mission, he gets bonuses which include experience and money. With these bonuses, the player can purchase new weapons for money and upgrade weapons by receiving more experience.

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9) Shadowgun Legends:

Madfinger Games developed and published Shadowgun Legends, a free mobile 1st person shooter video game. Shadowgun Legends is for iOS and Android devices released on 22-03-2018. The game contains more than 200 single-player campaign missions and consists of various multiplayer game modes like Dungeons, Duel, Elimination & Ascendancy. At the starting of the Shadowgun legends game, the Player creates shadowgun, male / female soldier from the eponymous group. After that, players moved to the main base of all Shadowguns. Missions are either part of the story campaign or one of the side quests.

10) Critical Ops:

Critical Force developed Critical Force, a multiplayer 1st person Shooter video game. For Google Play, this game released to open alpha. At present, On Google play store Amazon App store & Apple App store, critical Ops are available. In this game, there are 2 opposing teams i.e. The Coalition and The Breach. Practice Mode, Ranked Defuse, Gun Game, Defuse and Team Deathmatch are 5 game modes. In 2 different ways, a game can be played i.e. Quick Games and Custom Games.

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These are Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020. Now, in the budget, various android phones are available in which you can run good games so mobile gaming now becomes very popular. So now a day, there are many people who now prefer playing games on Android Phones. These Mobile apps games for Android require an internet connection so make sure that you play on a smartphone with good hardware for best experience. These action games are relatively popular and people like to kill enemies by using different weapons. So, Guys if you are not sure which game you need to play then must check out above given Top 10 Action Games for Android 2020.

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