09 Things to Do with Friends Once the Pandemic Ends, Checkout & Make your List

09 Things to Do with Friends Once the Pandemic Ends, Checkout & Make your List

Things to Do with Friends

We are at our homes from last 4 months and it’s been hectic day by day. We all are missing those days when we chill out with our friends; make plans to travel the world and what not. But now we are sitting at our homes hoping to get rid of from this pandemic. But one thing we can do is to make a list of what we are going to do after the pandemic was over. So here we have brought the list in which we suggest you 09 Things to Do with Friends Once the Pandemic Ends.

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09 Things to Do with Friends Once the Pandemic Ends,

1. Goa Plan is Must

Yeah we all know we have tried very much for the plan and it got cancelled for one or the other reason. But Not this time, surely the plan will be executed and try your best for the trip to happen without any ditching at the last moment for once. Goa Plan is On for real this time.

2. Live Cricket/Football match.

Once the Pandemic Ends Just buy the damn tickets of Live Cricket/ Football match. Stadiums are full and cheer the Hell Out for the team and enjoy the Live Match.

3. Visiting Restaurants for Sure

We haven’t gone for dining outside in months and yes our craving favorites are calling us for eating, drinking and if we get a good company of friends and chatting with for hours is not just normal for now-a-days and we surely want that feel back.

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4. Attend a Live Concert

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the Concert Feel. Go out there and lost in the sea of people with friends and listen to the Lovely song or your favorite person performing live in front of you. Don’t miss those magical light-play.

5. It’s shopping Time

Ofcourse this one is on top of the Things to Do with Friends. It’s been so many month when you haven’t done a lot of satisfying shopping . Those carries bags just not lift the clothes and stuff but my heart in it. Surely need a lot of shopping with friends at malls or local market.

6. Late night Long drives

Catching sunset and driving with the moon on late night long drives with friends are very soothing. Nothing will match to the late night drives with songs, craziness and fun we have altogether. In between road-side chai and snacks will be like cherry on the top of cake.

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7. It’s clubbing Time.

It’s been so long as we have danced with full craziness and fun. So Just want to go Clubbing with friends having no worries, getting booze and just dancing with crazy moves.

8. Mountains are Calling, Road trip to hills.

A Road trip is what you need to sooth your heart and soul and with the company of your friends, good music just take me away anywhere. But if it comes to hill station and Mountains then it is not less then the heavenly drive.

9. Watch a movie in the theater.

OTT platforms are fine for binge watch. But an Outing with our gang to the theaters is somehow the need of time. Those Crazy shouts and whistle on entry scene and actions scenes are just Amazing, Want these Days Back.

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These are some of the Things to Do with Friends which I, you and almost everyone gonna do after the pandemic ends. Share what more you wanna do in the comment box given below.

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