Ways To Spot Fake Apps

Ways To Spot Fake Apps On Google Play Store & Protect Data from Hackers

Ways To Spot Fake Apps On Google Play Store

At Present Time, In high-tech world it’s very difficult to maintain our privacy with developing technology. Many Hackers always search for our personal data and incidents of privacy break happen with us. If anyone of you wants to protect data and think that install apps from Google Play store is always safe and secure then there is high chance that you will soon become victim of privacy break. So, for your benefit in this article we are discussing Ways to Spot Fake Apps on Google Play Store and how to protect data from hackers.

Generally, Google Play store considers as good platform for downloading all apps you require. Many Times malicious apps pass through Google’s Security wall. So, to keep yourself safe, few things you need to remember always. Check Below!

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Ways To Spot Fake Apps On Google Play Store

First Step Is To Look Out For Fake Google Play Store

Google play store is consider as safe and secure app and because of this hackers always look for loopholes for installing fake Google play store on devices. Though, there is very easy way to find whether Google play store is fake or not.

You need to remember one thing always that you can never uninstall genuine play store from device. So, guys, if you find play store with uninstall button, it’s definitely fake one and you must require to delete it immediately.

Before Install App’s Icon, Look for Icon First on Your Phone

Guys, if you don’t see closely at app’s icon before install it on your device, it’s high time to start do so. Many times, it happen that we find multiple apps with same name and if you get into such situation take a look at app’s icon which help you to find genuine app.

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If App Icon Same Check The Developer’s Name

If you find multiple apps with same icon, just look for developer’s Name. For example- if you look for Whats App, you find lot of apps with same icon so in that case one having whats app Inc as developer name and this app is the one which you can install on your device.

If You Are Not Sure About Developer Look For Download Count

Always look at downloading number, if you look for popular app. If app is genuine, then downloading number is in million or in billions however, if you see few downloaded numbers, you need to avoid that app.

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Also Look At Reviews, It May Also Help To Find Genuine App

Fake Apps often have also fake reviews, however if you dig little deeper, you find genuine people write regarding how fake the app really is.

Guys, if you find fake app, then immediately report so after reviewing Google can remove it from the play store. Thanks to all responsible people, Google remove thousands of apps from play store in one year. Every day, people download various fake apps but if you careful enough you will able to spot Fake Apps on Google Play Store and protect your data from hackers. So, to save yourself from fake apps you don’t need high technical knowledge, just pay attention to same information.

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