Passport Working Visa Rules
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Passport to Working Visa | Simple Rules to Settle in Abroad for Job

Passport to Working Visa Rules

Want to get job in Abroad and settle in abroad and then must know all things such as visa, passport, local rules of that country such as their language, law, rules and climate for foreign nationals. Here, in this article we are going to discuss Simple Passport Working Visa Rules to Settle in Abroad for Job in Canada, America, Dubai and some countries of Europe.

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Passport Working Visa Rules


In Europe there are total 4 countries where visa rejections are negligible. So, People if you get offers for job from these 4 countries then you can get work visa here. But people if you really want to go to Europe then one thing you must remember is that language of each country is different over there.  People, you must know about the language and climate of different countries of Europe.  Let’s check which countries are those:

Iceland: It is snow bound country where temperature is very low.  People don’t want to go there for job because of snow falls in the country but there is job requirement.

Belgium: 50 thousand dollars is average income of the country. Here, country can live better life with 5 days working.  In Belgium, there is unemployment here too but it is very less.

Norway: Life is considered very good in this country as it is very developed country. In this country, happiest people of the world live. But, those people who want to settle here apart from job the main condition is you must know about the language to come here.

Denmark: People, if you have job papers then permit of work is available. For this country, you have to accept rule of language imperative.

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There is only one way to settle in Canada that is unless you have legal valid job for working there.  People, you cannot apply for work permit in Canada. For work permit, firstly, you need to try for job in Canada and you can do this thing through social media or online. If you have any connection or relative in Canada then them to give you details regarding job. Guys, if you do not get job then you can take visit visa to Canada and apply for job. After getting job, you can apply for work visa in Canada.


After receiving approval from US citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), you can only apply for Visa for US. For many non-immigrant US work visas, Employers need to file petitions with USCIS. When the petition is approved, candidates can apply for Visa only. For America, Work Visa are issued in many categories. Check out the type based on work.

  • H-1B Work Visa: You must have Master / Higher degree and your earning must be $ 60,000 annually.
  • H-2B Work Visa: From Labor Department, Application form should be certified. These type of visa is only available for seasonal or temporary jobs.

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  • H-3 Work Visa: This visa is only issue for those people who totally depend on H-Visa holders they need to meet or go with people containing H Visa, they are not allowed to work.
  • L-1 Work Visa: This visa is applied when any people work in international company and transferred to America.
  • L-2 Work Visa: People who depend on people with L-1 visas, can only issue L-2 visa. They can apply for work permit.
  • Work Visa: People having Extra-Ordinary Success in Science, Arts, Education, Business, Athletics or Television Production are only allowed to apply for O Work Visa.
  • P Work Visa: For performance in Visa, only Athletes, Entertainers, Artists etc. are issued a P Work Visa.
  • Q Work Visa: For International cultural program, Q visa is issued to people going to US.

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Dubai Rules:

Any Indian who want to do job outside the country, Dubai is best place for them. People, if you get offer of job in Dubai then it is very simple to get work visa of Dubai. After receiving offer through company, you can only get work visa. People, if you are going to Dubai with travel or visitor Visa then after getting job, you can convert visa into work visa.

In above section of this article, we are discussing some simple Rules to Settle in Abroad for Job by getting work Visa in Dubai, US, Europe, Canada etc. Keep visiting our web portal on daily basis, to get latest updates on Shopping, National / International News, Technology, Fashion, Health, Sports etc.

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