Mediterranean Diet voted as Best Diet 2021 | Beneficial in Diabetes-Cancer

Mediterranean Diet voted as Best Diet 2021 | Beneficial in Diabetes-Cancer

Mediterranean Diet voted as Best Diet 2021

Amidst the numerous diet plans beneficial for health on the internet, it has become difficult to decide which food items are really right for us. Meanwhile, the Mediterranean Diet has also received the Best Diet Award for 2021. According to ‘US News and World Report’, the Mediterranean diet has become the world’s number-1 diet for the fourth consecutive year. Let know more about Mediterranean diet and its benefits.

What is Mediterranean Diet?

It is a plant based diet, which includes things like fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and olive oil and for Non-Vegetarians it also adds fish and poultry. The emphasis is on fresh diet. Experts claim that person who follow this diet have a good health.

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Benefits of Mediterranean Diet

Beneficial for heart health: According to the American Heart Association (ADA) report, the Mediterranean diet is very beneficial for our heart health and also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It reduces the risk of high BP and cardiovascular diseases.

Diabetes Controller: According per reports Mediterranean diet is also very beneficial in the case of type-2 diabetes. The anti-oxidants, vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids present in the Mediterranean diet reduce the risk of oxidative stress, metabolites, and chronic inflammation by improving neurovascular health.

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Benefits to the Intestines: It has been proved in many studies that the Mediterranean diet is also very good for our intestines. The anti-inflammatory property present in the Mediterranean diet helps in the growth of bacteria benefiting the intestines.

Breast cancer risk reduced: It is the major concern for women. A report published in JAMA Internal Medicine claimed that the Mediterranean diet is also effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Benefit of mental health: Do you know that this diet full of things like fruits, vegetables and walnuts and almonds also improves the function of our brain. As per Journal Neurology report, it keeps brain young by slowing down the cognitive decline process.

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Some things have to be avoided in the Mediterranean diet. Sweet food is forbidden in this. Alcoholic substances should not be consumed or should be taken on doctor’s advice. The body is given adequate sleep and rest. There is also a focus on regular workouts.

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