Instant Triple Talaq Law
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All You Need to Know About Instant Triple Talaq Law: A Criminal Offence

Instant Triple Talaq Law

As we all know, that triple talaq in India has a subject of debate from a very long time. Modi Government prepare a bill called The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2017 and presented in Parliament which was passed by Lok Sabha on 28-11-2017. But now Finally, Triple Talaq Bill, Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Ordinance, 2019 has passed by Rajya Sabha On 30-07-2019 and takes a place of Instant Triple Talaq Law.

Triple Talaq Bill has passed with 99 votes in favour and 84 in against from Rajya Sabha. Once the President is stamped on Triple Talaq Law, This legislation will now come into effect. After Signing of President on Triple Talaq Law, it will be a criminal offence to say divorce to their wife at 3 times and the person could face the imprisonment and penalty of 3 years. All You Need to Know about Instant Triple Talaq Law, then go through this article.

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What is Triple Talaq?

Triple Talaq is also known as talaq-e-biddat, is a form of Islamic divorce used by Muslims in India. Triple Talaq, allow any Muslim Man to legally divorce his wife by saying a word “Divorce” 3 times in written, oral, or any other such as email, SMS and WhatsApp etc.

Provisions on Triple Talaq:

  • If any Muslim Man, give his wife 3 divorce at a time through written, oral, speak or any other mode then that Muslim Man will be part of crime.
  • Getting 3 divorces, wife herself or any other co-relatives of wife can file a case on this issue.
  • As per the Women’s Rights Protection Act 2019, It is criminal offence to divorce 3 time divorces at a time. Police can arrest that husband without any warrant.
  • If any Husband break the law of Triple Talaq and said divorce 3 times at the time they may have both imprisonment and fine for 3 years. Muslim Man will only get bail from the Magistrate court Only.
  • Magistrate court will not be able to give bail to husband without hearing woman’s side.

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  • Magistrate will decide the amount which requires to pay by husband to his Nurturing wife and child as expenses.
  • Under supervision and maintenance of small children, 3 divorce laws will be kept.
  • Instant Tripe Talaq Law also has the option of agreement. This agreement has only done on the wife initiative but with proper conditions by magistrate.

Instant Triple Talaq Law: A Criminal Offence

Shri Narendra Modi Said:

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Law Minister Ravi Shankar said: 

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So, Finally Modi Government has fulfilled the promise to provide relief to Muslim Women from 3 divorces. Three divorces of 2 houses of Parliament have been sealed on 2019 (Women’s Rights Protection Act). When parliament is stamped, Instant Triple Talaq law will come into effect.  If, any muslim man has break the law they will be faced imprisonment and fine for 3 years.

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