8 Indoor Games to Play with Family

8 Indoor Games to Play with Family during Coronavirus Lockdown | Quarantine Games

8 Indoor Games to Play with Family

To contain the novel coronavirus pandemic, we are in a nationwide lockdown. It been three weeks we are locked in our homes and finding new to get over from this difficult time. The solution to handle this pandemic is to be in quarantine. It is not about doing some new stuff or looking for something new to do. Instead, the answer lies in the activities and games that you used to do in your childhood. So for the help we bring you 8 Indoor Games to Play with Family during Coronavirus Lockdown.

We brought you the list of indoor games that was used to be your source of happiness at your best time which is your childhood. These games were so awesome as we don’t come to know how the time flies and now you can bring it back and thoroughly enjoy with your family during quarantine. So, here are 8 Indoor Games to Play with Family during Coronavirus Lockdown to relive those memories once again?

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Games to Play with Family during Coronavirus Lockdown


In this game you can involve your all family members or just two people as well. All the players have to be divided equally into 2-3 teams. One person from each team has to act the name of a movie given by the other team. If the team players are able to guess the name within duration, they get a point. As a punishment, the losing team can do all the household chores for a day or whatever you’ll want them to do.


This is an active game and one of the fun ways to exercise during the lockdown. You have to place chairs adjacent to each other to form a circle. The number of chairs is one less than the total players playing the game. The moderator has to play music and the players have to move around the chairs in same direction. As the music stops, you have to take a chair closest to you and sit on it. The person, who doesn’t get a chair, is no more the part of the game. Before the next round begin, one chair is removed. The cycle continues and the last person standing is the winner. Disclaimer: This game can get really competitive.

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Everyone has played hide and seek in their childhood? This game is so fun. Hiding anywhere like in cupboard and under the tables is actually enjoyable. Have fun time and play with your family.


Antakshari is one of the best time pass games to be played anywhere mainly as indoor games. One person or team start singing a song and the syllable with which the song ends, the other person or team has to start singing a new song from that syllable, nobody will repeat the song which already sung. If you can’t think of a song within duration, you lose. This is the best way to spend a musical evening at home.

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Quarantine Games


The classic board games are always a fun with friends and family. Increase the excitement by getting all 4 players, you can play solo matches or with a team-on-team match and raise the stakes by anything decided by all. People from all age groups are sure to enjoy this one!


Remember the card tricks; if yes then add some fun with the old-fashioned card games like Rummy, Bluff, Satte pe Satta, Teen Do Paanch and Teen Patti with the family. You can decide a reward for winner and punishment for losers.

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If you have kept the old video game cassettes safe then it time to bring them in good use! Play yourself and teach the kids about the 90s’ favourite games like Mario and Contra. If you do not have these games on you, you can play these games online. While FIFA, Sims, Candy Crush, Restaurant Saga and other are kid-friendly, the online games like PUBG, Modern Warfare, GTA and COD can be great options for the adults.


If a Taash game wasn’t enough, add Tambola to add fun. This game is suitable for everyone. You have to strike all the numbers off your ticket the fastest, as a person calls them out. Set the rules for every line and house-full – different prizes for different lines.

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We realize that these games require more than one person. There are a lot more options available for you as well. Playing Ludo on phone or Trivia, cooking, learning and more. 8 Indoor Games to Play with Family during Coronavirus Lockdown | Quarantine Games

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