FabiFlu, 1st Drug Approved to Cure Coronavirus in India @₹103 per tablet
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FabiFlu, 1st Drug Approved to Cure Coronavirus in India @₹103 per tablet

FabiFlu Drug to Cure Coronavirus

As the coronavirus outbreak the world, all the medicinal & drug research institutes and organization start their research in finding ways to cure the disease. Still theirs is no sureshot vaccine or immediate cure is available but there are certain medicines made to slow down the infection and increased the immunity of the patients suffering from the illness. Now, there’s one being made in India named as FabiFlu. It is the 1st Drug Approved to Cure Coronavirus in India and available at the rate of @₹103 per tablet.

Mumbai based Glenmark Pharmaceuticals has developed the antivirus drug FabiFlu, which is approved for the treatment of mild to moderate COVID-19 patients. The DGCI has given the green signal for the use of this drug on the patients of Coronavirus. Glenmark is the first Indian company to develop an antiviral drug for the treatment of moderate coronavirus. Drug regulator, Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) has given marketing and manufacturing which led to the medicine launch.

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FabiFlu Cost & Dosage

Cost and Dosage:

  • Cost: ₹3500 is charged for 34 tablets of FabiFlu, which means it cost ₹103 per tablet.
  • Dosage: As per the Report, dosage is 200 mg X 9 tablets on first day and 200 mg X 4 tablets a day for 14 days.

Clinical trials found an efficiency of 80% positive results treated on mild to moderate patients. Glenmark conducted clinical trials on 90 mild and 60 moderate voronavirus positive patients across 11 sites in India.

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The drug essentially works by getting into cells and clogging viral replication to reduce is numbering. It can reduce high rate of viral replication and can be stopped with early use of antiviral drugs. It is important to use FabiFlu on the patients who initially got infected with virus. Viral replication slows down leads to not making the body violent infected and decrease the chances of organ failure.

The drug Favipiravir is currently sold under different brand names in certain countries of the world to treat coronavirus. We still says you that before consuming any drug or medicine you must take proper prescription from the Doctor and must consult them for any health issues you are facing.

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