14 Different Types of Kisses | Romantic Kissing Styles to Impress your Partner

14 Different Types of Kisses | Romantic Kissing Styles to Impress your Partner

Different Types of Kisses

In this article, we are going to tell you about 14 Different Types of Kisses. So, those who want to impress their partner must know about Romantic kissing styles. Kiss is a very deep sensation felt when loved or cared for by your partner. Kisses create magic and it holds power to bind your senses. Each and every Kiss creates a deep connection with your partner whether a kiss of friendship, a warm greeting or in a romantic way. There are many ways to kiss your partner and each & every kiss has its own meaning. So, if you want to know how to do Different Types of Kisses and their meanings, you must go through this article.

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14 Different Types of Kisses

1) Forehead Kiss:

Forehead Kiss

Kiss on the forehead is a very gentle expression of respect. This type of kiss is not sexiest one but it is an adorable and loving one. Forehead kiss is shared with someone special because of its affectionate and caring nature. Forehead kiss is a kiss of friendship or starter kiss for something to get romantic later.

2) Eskimo Kiss:

Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo kiss is also called Nose kiss or nose rub, it means a pressing of the tip of one’s nose with another person’s nose. An Eskimo kiss, there is no lip touching but it is close without being sexual. You have to be very close to someone whether you are looking into eyes or close the eyes and feeling their breath.

3) Earlobe Kiss:

Earlobe Kiss

To get your partner crazy, start with a kiss or bite on the earlobe. Ears have lots of nerve endings that make them sensitive to touch, so gently sucking on the ear will drive your partner crazy.

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4) Single Lip Kiss:

Single Lip Kiss

This seductive, warm-up move involves kissing a person’s bottom lip while they kiss your top lip. Single Lip kiss is the usual type of kiss which is preferable on Kiss Day.

5) Neck Kiss:

Neck Kiss

If you are in the middle of a hot makeout sesh with your partner, you probably want to kiss on the neck. This move is sensual passionate and can totally take things to the next level. Neck Kisses is highly depicted in movies and most frequently referenced in romance but they are even more sensual in real life. The neck is come under an Erogenous zone full of sensitive nerve endings, make for very intense foreplay especially for women.

6) Body Kiss:

Body Kiss

Besides the neck, there are many other places to kiss which include chest, stomach, feet, and body. All this depends on a person’s sexual likings. One thing you need to remember, what feels good to one person may not be feel good to another person. So, you must pay attention to your partner’s body language you are going to get a lot of details.

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7) Lizard Kiss:

Lizard Kiss

Lizard Kiss is much similar to a French kiss and this kiss involves a lot of tongues and that’s it. To implement the lizard kiss, stick your tongue in and out of your lover’s mouth at a quick pace.  Lizard kiss is a passionate kiss for lovers as it is very hot into each other.

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8) Kiss of An Angel:

Kiss of An Angel

This kiss is a gentle kiss on someone’s eyelids and it is a very sweet gesture between 2 persons that truly or deeply love each other. This kiss is done by a mother to her child or a husband to his wife.

9) Vampire Kiss:

Vampire Kiss

Vampire kiss is a very deep passionate and loving kiss on the neck and it includes sucking and a bit of biting. Vampire kiss is done by lovers, in a tightly close relationship.

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10) Lip Kiss:

Lip Kiss

Lip kiss sounds basic kiss but in actual it is a very playful and close move to leave your partner want more. Just kiss your partner’s top lip while they kiss on the bottom lip in yours. You can also just keep kissing and switching the lips like firstly kiss the top lip then move to the bottom lip and then go to the top and then again to the bottom and keep it inflow and you just felt amazing.

11) French Kiss:French Kiss

French kiss involves plenty of tongue action and mastery. There is no other kiss which connects 2 persons more. French Kiss includes passion, romance, and craving for kissing your partner.

12) Bite Kiss:

Bite Kiss

Want to take French kiss a step further, incorporate nibble into the kiss and Very softly bite on your partner tongue or lips. Start off slow, meanwhile, you won’t know for sure if your partner is into it.

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13) Cheek Kiss:

Cheek Kiss

Cheek kissing is ritual kissing shows friendship, to confer greetings, to ease someone and to show respect. In cheek kiss, both persons lean forward and either lightly touch cheek with cheek or lip with cheek. The cheek kiss is basically depending on relation or situation, the number of kisses is one, two, three or four.

14) Belly Kiss:

Belly Kiss

A Kiss on the stomach is the passionate one. Almost every guy or girl like the kiss and caress on the belly with a little bit of nibble and bite will take your moment to the next place. Don’t forget to kiss or caress the navel as it just takes your partner to the next level of sensation in the body.

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These are 14 Different Types of Kisses; I hope these Romantic Kissing Styles help you to impress your partner. Kisses are not just only reserved for the face as there are various other places where a kiss on the body is greeted. You can kiss your partner in many different ways and that’s why we discuss 14 different types of kisses and their meanings.

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