Covishield – Covaxin Approved! Know the Answer to Every Question

Covishield – Covaxin Approved

People who are eagerly waiting for the Corona vaccine have received the good news on the occasion of the New Year, Covishield-Covaxin Approved. On Friday, DCGI had approved Covishield vaccine of Oxford & on Saturday, the indigenous Indian developed vaccine, India Biotech’s Covaxin was approved. Now on Sunday, DCGI has given final approval to the emergency use of both these vaccines. That is, now this vaccine can be applied in the country in an emergency without any hesitation.

Let us know that the Oxford vaccine has already been approved in Britain. At the same time, the World Health Organization has approved the Pfizer vaccine. Now in India, various types of questions or doubts are arising in the minds of people about the vaccine. Let us answer all your questions related to the corona vaccine.

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Know the Answer to Every Question regarding Vaccine

Can the Corona Vaccine arrive soon?

Yes, the vaccine is in the final stage of trials at various levels. DCGI has allowed the final use of the vaccine. For more information related to the vaccine, you can visit

Will the Covid-19 vaccine be given to everyone at once?

According to the availability of the vaccine, the Indian government has selected priority groups, which are taking more risk. They will be given this vaccine first. The first group includes healthcare and frontline workers. The second group includes people above 50 years of age and those below 50 years who suffer from diseases.

Is it necessary to take the vaccine?

Taking the Covid-19 vaccine is voluntary. However, it is advisable to take a full dose of the vaccine for your own safety to prevent the disease from spreading among your family members, friends, relatives and working colleagues.

Is the vaccine safe because it is tested and prepared in a short time?

The corona vaccine has been approved by the regulatory bodies in the country only on the basis of safety and success.

Will the vaccine be given to Corona infected (confirmed or probable) individuals at present?

Vaccination of a corona infected (confirmed or probable) person will fear the spread of corona at the center. Therefore, such people should avoid vaccination for 14 days.

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Is the vaccine necessary for every person who recovers after beating Corona?

Yes, people should forget about previous experience of corona infection and take full dose of vaccine. This will develop a strong immunity against Corona.

How would one administer the selection of one or more vaccines from Corona’s multiple vaccines for vaccination?

Before licensing the vaccine, the clinical trial’s safety and success data are examined by the country’s drug regulator. Therefore, all the vaccines will be safe and effective, which will get the license. However, it should be ensured that the entire dose of the same vaccine is applied, as the doses of different vaccines are not complementary to each other.

Does India have the ability to keep the vaccine between 2° to 8° C and move it from one place to another at the required temperature?

India is one of the largest immunization campaigns in the world. It runs for 26 million newborns and 29 million pregnant women. The mechanism used for the success of the campaign is being strengthened further.

Will India’s vaccine be as effective as other countries?

Yes, India’s vaccine will be as effective as vaccines made in other countries. Several stages of trials have been conducted for the safety and success of the vaccine.

How do I know if we qualify for a vaccine?

In the first phase, the COVID-19 vaccine will be given to priority healthcare and frontline workers. After that the vaccine will be made available to people above 50 years of age, depending on availability. Those eligible for the vaccine will be informed through their registered mobile number. They will be told where the vaccine will be given and its time schedule will also be told.

How is the vaccine finalized?

When the vaccine is made, it is filled in a small vial. After which the packaging is done, it is finally checked that the bottle does not contain anything other than the vaccine.

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How will the vaccine go through the serum institute in the country?

After the vaccine dose is finalized, all the doses are packed. Which will be sealed in the box and dry ice, they will be sent to different parts of the country by a truck with a fridge. The vaccine will be stored in government cold storage.

How many people will get a vaccine from a bottle of vaccine?

The vaccine vial is being made in the serum institute, 10 doses can be given from a vial. Once opened, it can be used within 4-5 hours. That is, if a doctor has a bottle of vaccine, then there will be 10 doses in it which he can give to five people.

How safe is the serum vaccine?

It took 9 months to make the vaccine; all the conditions of safety are being met. Every vaccine has some side effects, but the corona vaccine has not yet revealed any risk of life. Once the vaccine is introduced, the effects start appearing in the first seven days, so far there has been no problem in all the trials.

How side effects were found during the trial?

Some of the people who were given the vaccine during the trial said that they have a headache and mild fever. Which will be cured within few days with normal medicine, and no major side effects was found.

At what temperature is the vaccine kept?

The Serum Institute claims that their vaccine can be kept at a temperature of 2 to 8 degrees. It can also be stored in a common refrigerator. If the vaccine is kept outside the fridge, there will be no defect for 10 days, but still it should be kept at 2 to 8 degrees.

How many vaccine doses are ready now?

The Serum Institute has 50 million doses ready for 25 million people.

What is the difference between the first and the second dose of a vaccine?

The Serum Institute in India is applying for the entire dose. But people are being advised to make some gap between the first dose and the second dose. If a second dose is taken after two months, then it will be very good success.

If the first dose is taken, then people have to be cautious after that. However, the vaccine will also help you a lot but you also have to be cautious. So that after two months, I can take another dose?

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What if only one dose is applied?

The Serum Institute says that people have to take care that they have to take two doses. Only one dose will not provide the same protection as the full dose. In such a situation, if the vaccine is to be taken for a long time, then people will have to take both doses.

Will the vaccine work on the new strain of Corona?

The Serum Institute says that there is no reason why the vaccine will not work on new strains. Scientists say that there has been a slight change in the virus, in which case the vaccine will be able to work on it. However, in the next few days it will be clear how effective the vaccine is on the new strain.

How much will the serum vaccine cost?

The institute will give one dose to the Government of India for 200 rupees i.e. two doses will be given for 400 rupees as it buying crores of doses from serum. If a private company buys vaccine doses, then 1 thousand rupees will have to be given for one dose. That is, the cost of taking the vaccine from a private place will be 2 thousand rupees.

Is the Covid-19 vaccine Free of Cost?

Presently, Health Minister have informed that the 3 crore medicine will be given free of cost in phase 1 which covers 1 crore healthcare and 2 crore frontline workers. Vardhan also added that details of remaining 27 crore priority beneficiaries will be vaccinated till July is getting finalised

Will corona vaccine be available from medical store?

The vaccine will start getting privately by March or April. But you will get this vaccine only with a doctor, which will be given only according to his advice. But mainly, according to how the vaccine government arranges in the beginning.

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How many doses has the Government of India bought so far?

The government has said to take 20 to 30 crore doses by July 2021, but no written contract has been done. The government is currently preparing for vaccination. Which vaccine the government approves, people should pay attention to it.

How will black marketing of vaccine stop?

Initially, all the vaccine will go to the government from the serum. In such a situation, to whom the government gives the vaccine, it depends on them. We will be able to give vaccines to private people in its three-four months. There may be some crowd-like situation in the beginning, but will have to wait.

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