Countries Where Visa is not required for Indian Citizens

7 Countries Where Visa is not required for Indian Citizens | Travel Visa-Free

7 Countries Where Visa is not required for Indian Citizens

Every Indian has dream to go foreign at least once in his life. They want to travel & see the world. They want to go abroad with family & friend and also visit the places to know about peoples & their cultures. But, you have to need VISA to visit foreign countries in the world. In India, People face problem for arranging VISA to visit abroad. But don’t worry about it. There are many beautiful countries in the world where VISA is not required for Indian citizens. Here we will discuss about the list of Countries Where Visa is not required for Indian Citizens. You can travel in these VISA Free countries & enjoy it.

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Travel Visa-Free Countries

Bhutan: Bhutan is neighbor Country of India having good relations so there Visa is not required to Travel by the Indians. Bhutan is a beautiful country with diverse landscape & wildlife. There is no any requirement of VISA to visit this country for Indian people. There is only one national Airlines Druk Air that allows only limited number of tourists to enter the country at a time.

Nepal: Nepal is also the Northern Neighbor of India that also has good relations with India. Both the countries share a special relationship which allows the citizens of both countries to move freely across the border. Nepal is a beautiful country which has beautiful landscapes & countryside. Mount Everest world highest mountain lies in Nepal. You can go to Nepal without any passport or VISA & can stay & work in the country. It is VISA free country for Indians that can also be visited via a road trip.

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Mauritius: Mauritius is an Island country In the Indian ocean which was once colonized by the Dutch, French and British. Mauritius is a beautiful country that surrounded by white sandy beaches.  It has a hot climate and is home to rare species of flora and fauna. There is no any need of VISA for Indians to visit this country. You can stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days.

Fiji: Fiji is an island located in the South Pacific Ocean. Fiji has a Tropical climate & weather remains the same throughout the year. It is an ideal vacation spot for Indians. You don’t need any VISA for visiting the Fiji. If you have a valid passport, then you will be given visitor permit which is valid upto 4 months.

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Travel These Countries without Visa

Macau: Macau is a country of the Asian continent. The economics of the country depend on Tourism & gambling. This country is famous for casino & hotels. It is a visa free country for Indians & you can stay for a maximum of 30 days in Macau.

Jamaica: Jamaica is the Caribbean country & also the fourth largest in the Caribbean Sea. It has humid & hot climate weather in Jamaica. Jamaica is a beautiful tropical country. The Indians can easily visit the country without any Visa. There is no require VISA for entering this country & you can stay upto 14 days without visa.

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Srilanka: Srilanka is also the neighbor country of India. This country is famous for its religions, ancient ruins, colorful reefs, rainforest etc. This place is very beautiful for its green environment. Indians love to visit this tourist destination.  Indians are not required VISA to visit this country. You can get a tourist visa for a maximum period of 30 days.

So these are the following lists of foreign countries that don’t need to require VISA for Indians to visit abroad. You can travel in these countries without any VISA or you can also stay for some days or month & enjoy its place, nature & other stuffs.

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