Australia Bushfire Burned 500 Million Animals, NSW & Victoria Affected
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Australia Bushfire Burned 500 Million Animals, NSW & Victoria Severely Affected

Australia Bushfire Burned 500 Million Animals

Australia bushfire burned around 500 million animals in New South Wales (NSW) Alone! Here, you get all facts of devastating Australia bush fires which destroying species of Plants and animals life. Wildfires in Australia continue to spread across the country and it destroying Forests, homes, Animals.  The reason of wildfire is drastic change in climate on our planet. Similar to California, Every summer, Australia has fire season when hot, dry weather makes very easy for fires to naturally start and spread. These wildfires Australia’s devastating wildfires grow as fire season rages across the nation, mainly in NSW and Victoria. In decades, these are worst wildfires in Australia.

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Cause of Bushfire:

There is no doubt that these fires cause by Man-induced global warming. In the last year as well, drastic climate change had vast impact on Australia’s weather.  Australia has been facing extreme level of weather conditions because of global warming. Last month temperature of Australia was nearly 50 degree Celsius which make it hottest and dried season.

Because of dry weather, plant and trees catch the fire more easily. Since, Temperature in Australia is not get normal, it is very difficult to control the fire. As per ecologist report from University of Sydney, Since September more than 480 million animals, birds and reptiles have been lost just because of devastating fires.

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Deadly Australia Bushfires, destroy more than millions of hectares of forests, devastatingly impacting wildlife, national parks and plant populations across the nation. Around the nation, Hospitals are flooded with burnt animals especially koalas who slowly move and live in eucalyptus trees. These mainly eat eucalyptus leaves which are rich in oil, make them quite flammable victims.

NSW & Victoria Severely Affected

Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley said that “Almost third of Koalas in New South Wales (NSW) killed in fires and 3rd of their habitat destroyed”.  As per Ley “Koala experts work with government, which allocate $6 million for establishing corridors and plan to release animals that have been in hospitals”

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Age Old Forest Perished:

Lot of ancient forest in Australia lost to wildfires. As per report, 48% of Gondwana reserves, which present since dinosaurs age has been destroyed. In some areas, Royal Botanical Gardens in Sydney have been lost approximate 30 rare animal species and 30 rare plant species. Trees in older forests are at even more risk than other tree species as they have thinner barks which cannot protect them in such at extreme wildfires.

Wildfires Triggering Thunderstorms:

A huge thunderstorm could destroy Australian community even further, because of extreme weather conditions and widespread wildfires. Fire have triggered explosive thunderstorm is known as cumulonimbus, which inject particles as high as 10 miles in air. Thunderstorm cause during a fire, heat and moisture from plant are released. Since, warm air is heavier and it rise up in air and forms a cloud which finally turns in to Thunderstorm. As per the report, 11 people have dead and 28 people are missing. All over the country, Mass evacuations take place.

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Sadly, devastation continues to rise as temperature continues to remain hot, dry and stormy through weekend and summer season. Firefighters and volunteers will continuously put their efforts to stop the fires and save as many animals as possible.

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