Amazon Rainforest Fire
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Amazon Rainforest Fires: Know What’s Happening & Impact of it on the World

Amazon Rainforest Fires

The World biggest natural calamity is that the largest rainforest Amazon is burning from last three weeks. This is not the first forest fire but it is definitely the longest & biggest Amazon Rainforest Fire. According to the World Wildlife fund, the world largest rain forest Amazon covers 40% of south America which is the two thirds area of the US. It produces about 20% of earth oxygen that’s why it is called the Lungs of the Earth. There are more than 30 million people live in the Amazon. There are the large numbers of mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles live in this region. This amazon fire in Brazil threatens the rainforest ecosystem also & affects the entire world.

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What is Happening in Amazon Rainforest?

From January Year 2019 till today 74,755 fires has been reported in Amazon Rainforest by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research. Amazon rainforest are being destroyed and deforested every minute as a football field. This disaster is happening in world largest rainforest Amazon because of deforestation. The report states that deforestation has increased 80% in this year compared to the last year.

The Evidence of the fires also comes by way of a map images taken by European Union Satellite program. This satellite shows smoke from the fires spreading along Brazil to the east Atlantic coast. Smoke has covered nearly half of the country of Brazil and has begun to spill into neighboring Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay in South America.

Amazon Rainforest Fire

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What is the Cause of Fire in Amazon Rainforest?

There are some main causes of fire in rainforest Amazon. The farmers & cattle ranchers have used fire to clear land & make it ready for use and that spark convert the Rainforest into a calamity. So, this is the reason behind the unusually disastrous fires burning in the Amazon today.

The other reason of Amazon fire is deforestation. Cut Down of trees is majorly responsible for 80 to 90% of the loss of tropical forests around the world. Amazon is the Lungs of earth because it sinks huge amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), the gas that is emitted mainly from burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil & natural gas.

The environmentalists are blaming Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro for the Amazon fires. He had promised to restore the Brazil economy by exploring the economic potential of the Amazon rainforest, when he was running for president. They encourage the farmers & ranchers to burn the rainforest. Brazil has announced the emergency in the country because of that disastrous fire in the World Largest Rainforest.

YearNo. Of Fires in Amazon (Yearly)Deforested Land of Rainforest (in Sq Km)
201335,5675,891 Sq Km
201453,2385,012 Sq Km
201551,9646,207 Sq Km
201668,4847,893 Sq Km
201752,1336,947 Sq Km
201840,1367,900 Sq Km (Highest)
201974,755 (Highest)——

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Impact of Amazon fire in The World:

The Impact of Amazon rainforest fire can already be seen in different regions in South America including the Atlantic Coast & Sao Paulo. Sau Paulo plunged into sudden darkness from 1 week. The impact of amazon fire in all over the world is very drastic and heart-wrenching. If the 60% of the Amazon forest degrades, it means that it would release 5 to 6 years of global fossil-fuel emission instantly.

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Deforestation in the Amazon could sharply reduce rainfall that misbalances the global water cycle. There will also be a massive impact on ground water levels. A decrease in rainfall will cause a sudden increase in droughts. The Amazonian hosts 20% of the world’s freshwater from the total 2.2% of freshwater in left on earth. The Amazon rainforest fire could give a huge blow to the global fight against climate change. Amazon fire is not only major loss in trees, species & biodiversity but also releases huge amount of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere. This amazon fires also release carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, Toxic gases & non methane organic compounds into the atmosphere.

So, Amazon rainforest would have very horrible impact on our environment. Amazon rainforest produce 20% oxygen in earth. So, if still they don’t take any useful steps to prevent this fire in amazon rainforest, it will be great loss for our environment and to all the livings. As a Human being it’s out duty to be savior to the all species of flora and fauna, biodiversity & to the whole planet.

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